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How we approach teaching in the Screen/Stage acting department

The best way to sum up the ethos of the Acting Department is to call it a “rainbow” approach, in that we give you a little bit of everything, from every reputable school of thought. That’s why you’ll find that our teachers cover everything from Method Acting and Stanislavski to Meisner and Augusto Boal, as well as using their own experience to illuminate a technique.

While there are some basic principles it would be foolish to deviate from, one of the best being, “learn your lines and try not to bump into the furniture” (attributed to Gielgud!), approaches can be as varied as actors themselves. What we try to ensure is that you all come away with a “toolbox”, and know what questions to ask of the script and of yourself when approaching a role, so that you can move towards an interpretation.

We also believe very much in the value of acting courses for developing life skills, irrespective of whether you want to pursue acting in a sustained way, amateur or professional. Just the simple act of getting up in front of people each week and trying out something new teaches you a lot about yourself and how you relate to people, and hopefully enables you to strengthen those areas you feel are weak and re-discover talents that had probably been asleep for a while!



Angela Marks

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