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Project Name: Broke (shooting in London)
Project Type: Student Project
Rate/Compensation: Expenses only

Role Role Type Gender/Age/Ethnicities Casting Locations
Stacie Principal Female / 18 to 22 / Caucasian London

Stacie is a severely depressed teenager who has ran away from home. She is very introverted and self conscious, she takes things to heart and overthinks. She is second guessing herself about leaving home and believes that her life can’t get better, though she wishes it would. What she wants more than anything in the world is to be loved, by her family and her friends. She is educated, but she has dropped out of college after an extremely dark patch in her life and feels she has now missed her chance. She is beyond lonely and feels that everyone would be better off if she ended her life.

Girl Principal Female / 18 to 22 / Caucasian London

The girl has an aggressive persona, she most definitely more dominant and confident. I see her a lot as Faith from Buffy. She uses insults casually and doesn’t feel bad. She has no conscience and being nasty brings her joy. She is not afraid of confrontation. She is a manifestation of Stacie’s depression.


Project Name: Broke (shooting in London)