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Project Name: When Life Gives You Lemons (shooting in London)
Project Type: Student Project
Rate/Compensation: Expenses Only

Role Role Type Gender/Age/Ethnicities Casting Locations Description/Note
Johno’s Mum Co-Star Female / 45 to 55 / Caucasian

Johno’s mum is a naturally overbearing worrying mum. Since her husband left, she is desperately attempting to be positive for Johno by attempting to help him move forward, but through this she is trapping him. She uses chliched quotes and success stories to aid her in dealing with being on her own. She wants the best for her son, and she believes that if he fails, she fails as a mother. She Wants him to move on, but also in a way she wants someone to talk to, because she has fallen into a routine that will be broken when she has to make it on her own. Johno’s mum is lonely, so she busies herself with the making her living space pristine, and colourful. She takes pride in her decorating abilities, and takes the initiative to go out and take part in book clubs and charity events when she is not working in Laura Ashley. She uses her events to fill her time as much as possible, the ultimate distraction from being alone, and when Johno is ignoring her. She wants to make the best out of every situation, but lately, she is struggling to get back on her feet again after the divorce.

Johno Lead Male / 18 to 25 / Caucasian

Johno is a typical 20 something dead beat drop out. He peaked in high school by captaining his football team, but his life took a downwards turn from there. After dropping out of uni because he just wasn’t interested, he feels he is a failure and uses it as an excuse for not trying. He is reserved and closed off, giving the impression that he doesn’t really care. He does have ambitions, but he doesn’t believe in himself enough to take that extra step. He loves his mum but he resents her as he believes she is stopping him from moving on with his life. Even though, it is really only his own motivation. .Johno is so locked into himself sometimes that he appears comatose. Drifting through life, not acknowledging anything or anyone that could break him from his safe little world. His dad is absent, and he doesn’t have anyone to look up to. What Johno really needs is to push himself, and get over this rut he is stuck in all by himself. It is the only way he can take control of his own destiny.

When Life Gives You Lemons (Shooting In London)