19/02/2017, 17:17:35: RayPow: Ray Palmer


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19 February at 15:28

What do YOU know? We all fighting to be heard, but no one is looking at the real problem for [BLACK] PEOPLE to rise up out of the ashes like a Phoenix Spreading their wings to Fly!

We are blaming European People for the Slavery and Doctrinations Forcing our supposed freedom to be denied, but wait a minute!

Do you actually think that all or most Whites have hatred in their hearts 💕 or just some specific few (this also includes I’m sorry to say; Melanated people too) in order to con-vince you of; it’s alright to do because colour is involved argument.

FAKE EUROPEAN JEWS – MONEYCHANGERS were hung drawn and quartered in a place named ‘YORK’ Great Britain 🇬🇧 for those not in the know! Sometime in the 1100 hundreds for bringing their corrupt money system to the shores of England…

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