This Fruit is 10.000 Times More Powerful Than Chemo. Saves Lives!

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by frosi August 25, 2015 7:18 pm 125,924 views0

Many articles write about natural remedies against cancer. But is it all  true and is it hidden from us by the government? It would be unfair not helping all those families ruined by this awful disease.

Every day about 20.000 people die from this horrifying disease all over the world. The most used treatment against cancer is chemotherapy. This treatment eliminates the cancer cells but also destroys the healthy cells.

On the other hand there is a fruit commonly known as “Soursop”or “Graviola tree fruit” which has positive effects in the fight against cancer without negative consequences. Experts claim that this fruit is a natural remedy against cancer (colon cancer particularly) and is 10.000 more efficient than chemotherapy.

Soursop is broadleaf, flowering and evergreen tree native to the tropical areas of Cuba, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Venezuela, Somalia, Uganda and…

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