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💡”Be Aboriginally Heatlhy”🥜
Article 24
Indigenous Peoples Have The Right To Their Traditional Medicines And Health Practices,
Including The Right To The Protection Of Vital Medicinal Plants, Animals And Minerals,
They Also Have The Right To Access, Without Any Discrimination, To All Medical
Institutions, Health Services And Medical Care.
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IMMUNIZATION — Forced Poisoning

It is your Unalienable, Constitutionally Secured Right, to refuse to be injected with poison. No alleged “government” can, under Threat, Duress, or Coercion, (and trickery), force or compel you to do otherwise. One must be conscious of the fact that there exist the intent to reduce the population, particularly of the Aboriginal and Indigenous peoples. Many of these immunizations are designed to take effect later, bringing numerous medical challenges, including death. They are designed to take effect later to trick the people into not connecting the illness / death to the immunization injection / process. Usually informing them that you and/or your child will not be participating in vaccinations because it is against your Religion, has been sufficient. However, if it becomes necessary to Lawfully document your position, you may utilize the below Writ.

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1. Willie Lynch TEST
Immunization Writ
This information and the Affidavit can also be found on “What’s New On This Site” page.
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posted 12/31/13
Drinking Your Sustenance
The Master Cleanse is Not Just For ‘Weight Loss Programs’
Many have heard of the “Master Cleanse’ drink, usually utilized when cleansing the body, however there are many who drink it all the time, as it has all the nutrients the body needs to sustain itself. All solid foods are broken down into liquids before the body can utilize any nutrients or anything of value from it. Thus, it is logical to simply put sustenance inside your body in the form of liquid in the first place. By doing so, it is less taxing on the digestive organs, as 35% of the bodies energy is utilized when digesting solid foods. This is why it is advised NOT to swim after eating. Drinking your sustenance does not deplete the body of its energy. In fact it offers instantaneous nutrients and instantaneous energy. The drink commonly called the “Master Cleanse’ has important, life sustaining ingredients. In the below article we will share those ingredients and their benefits and instructions to make the “Master Cleanse’ yourself. The following report is done by Hamatiel.


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