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IMG_3666CRIS – Court Registry Investment System
In matters of pure common sense, it would be a very bad idea to appoint a fox to guard your henhouse. For this reason, it has been a maxim of law for hundreds of years that one cannot settle a matter as an impartial 3rd party when one has any special financial interest in the outcome (other than for due wage compensation). To handle a matter with no special financial interest in the matter means that one has “clean hands”.

Of course, as demonstrated here, the United States Supreme Court is actually a “business”…. And we know that the same goes for almost every other court in the world. Therefore, what we are dealing with is a false judicial system. And this brings us to the “CRIS” accounts. The CRIS (Court Registry Investment System) account is what connects the false judicial system to the bank; it is the mechanism through which they access funds that were created in your name without your knowledge.

And how exactly were these funds created? By treating your birth certificate as a financial instrument. For more info on the Birth Certificate, click here.


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Legal researchers Jeanette Triplett and Rod Class located the documents that prove our courts are a branch of the Federal Reserve banking cartel. Download PDF

judge-daleMore about our courts from The Great American Adventure by Judge Dale:

Pg 5
America’s judiciary are smaller corporate branches called courts. The judges are actually business administrators called judges and all of America’s laws are civil corporate regulations called statutes. People are treated as corporations in these courts and these so-called bastions of justice are all about commerce and fraud! Everyone needs to be on the same page and so precedents become their safety benchmark!

This next question doesn’t constitute any proof but think about this: if American judges truly are the “Good Guys”, why don’t they all wear white robes instead of black? The answer is: because black is the pagan traditional color for Illuminati Priests, which will make more sense to you as you read on through this expose.

The local police and prosecutors are not in place to “serve and protect” the American public but to the contrary; they are structured to protect the Slave Drivers and the private United States Corporation by enforcing its corporate statutes against the corporate enemy, “the American citizen”. Most of these police officers haven’t a clue about how they have been indoctrinated and manipulated! They are so naïve and well-meaning that they actually believe they are preserving and protecting the public! The politicians, prosecutors, judges, priests and clerks know the truth and many of them increase their personal spoils with every conviction! Yes, the Vatican, judges, prosecutors and clerks make money off of every conviction and lawsuit and their clearing house for all of these private spoils is located in the Texas Federal Reserve, under an account titled: “THE CRIS FUND”! [Court Registry Investment System]

If our police officers would simply invest a little energy and time to research and read something other than PLAYBOY or POPULAR MECHANICS or to hoist a few at the local police pub; they would discover that the amended version of the “Trading with the Enemy Act of 1933”, by President Franklin D. Roosevelt, specifically identifies the American citizen as the enemy of the Federal Government! The fraud and deception perpetrated by these Slave Drivers works well, as long as they can maintain their deception and manipulation over the masses!

Here is more critically important information as to how our courts and our (in)justice system REALLY works. Judge Dale exposes many so-called “legal processes”: Part 5 – The Legal Process

No one should ever go into court – with or without a lawyer – before they read this and understand what is really going on in our courts!



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