Europeans Begin War on Blacks!

Imagine Dat!

Our Forefathers actually fought very hard and protested plenty to get Y’all into these Murdering Bastards Schools, Colleges and Universities – but complained about being enslaved by them beforehand in their very same plantations. We believe that their Education is the only way to better oneself from a toddler up to finding a job. Yet the Richest Individuals on earth today is usually illiterate, high school drop out, or just super creative like so many young children in Africa, America, Britain. We know this also because every now and then Europeans publish a story about a young Child 👶🏿 who does get schooled and ends up going to some sort of university at the age of 6,7,8 or 9 years of age, having already passed all levels of education to become the youngest ever qualified individuals on the planet 🌍 – How is that even possible – because the young have inner wisdom no school can give, so all the conundrums they are presented with seems like nothing in comparison. Therefore: are we all just being dumbed down at the most earliest stages of our own mental capacities to just find a job (Just Over Broke) to sustain and grow Europeans businesses without ever believing we had our own capabilities to sustain our own lives and thus become truly Sovereign and Indigenous, living freely upon the land. Many people I grew up with went on to great education levels and apparently super jobs in supposedly great companies with super prospects, but have ended up either overweight, worked to death 💀 or stressed out, chronically ill, depressed with redundancy, heart ❣ conditions, diabetes, cancer, deaths, children off the rails, too many bills to pay 💰 Alcoholism 🍺 to ease problems in their lives, unhappily married because someone else told them it was right for everyone to be, paying rent for decades and got nothing to show for their spending. I chose a different path and avoided all the above so far and have realised that the world 🗺 system that’s in place before I was born is a lie to keep my kind especially enslaved to continually grow the elites wealth exponentially in a specific form of SLAVERY of the mind. Babylon Release The Chain, And Them Ah Use Their Brain 🧠 – But We a Once Slaved People Are Not, So our offspring must continue to be misled by us now to suffer Just as The Willie Lynch Theory describes along with Their Europeans Bible to snare us all into handing down their destructive tendencies to our future creations upon the land. We are the ones now Enslaving our own children to damnation and usurpation as Europeans only seem to be benefiting by our work efforts. Forced labour without knowing is sad 😔 brainwashing our own youths is mad. I watched a little Store in the corner of the block grow from nothing into a global giant by employing my people and yet my people are eternally still broke financially. It is called TESCO – yet we don’t seem to be growing anything, not even our own food 🥘