Police👮‍♀️Stop & Search

The Government Creates a Problem by Using the Corrupt Media into fooling the Public into thinking that we as a nation have a knife 🔪 crime epidemic 😷 that is out of control.

They are using a technique called:

1) Create a ‘Problem’ via “Media Networks” they already own.

2) Then, the Public Must ‘React’ To ‘The Problem’ as expected (with Hidden organisations feeding the fire 🔥 Of Deception To muster a change in the Legal System.

3) Then, Mr Government, offers a no choice ‘Solution’ to the Problem they created to begin with.

The reason for this is to diminish your capacity as man 👨🏿 or simply put, to deny everyone of their Unalienable Right to live Free, as intended. But for purposeful distractions!


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