Blog Update: Special Oscars and Film Industry Live Webcast – Free Tomorrow!

  1. Blog Update: Special Oscars & Film Industry Live Webcast - Free Tomorrow! Update: Special Oscars & Film Industry Live Webcast - Free Tomorrow! Tomorrow, live from the Stage 32 offices (more specific, from RB’s office!), we’re talking Oscars!

We’re excited to announce that Stage 32 will be hosting an exclusive FREE live online webcast hosted by our fearless leader, Rich “RB” Botto, and the founder of the Indie Film Hustle podcast, Alex Ferrari.

Two of your favourite industry experts will be breaking down all things Oscars from diversity to snubs to upset possibilities, they’ll be covering everything from script to screen and all things in between!

This is the most wide open Oscars in years. Tune in and see who RB and Alex like to take home the gold. (And, yes, the 4th Annual Stage 32 Oscars Contest will be going live soon!)…













Click Here To Find Out How You Can Tune In To This Free Webcast!


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