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  1. Thanks for retweeting my article in BackStage. I have a new book out – How to Become a Successful Actor and Model. I am sure that many people visiting your site would love to read the book. I wanted to find out if the book could be made available on the site.

    Here is a link to learn more about the book

    Take care.
    Aaron Marcus


  2. Indie Film Production 101 is available for immediate download!

    Kristy Maurer is currently the Creative Executive at Endgame Entertainment (Looper, Side Effects, An Education) and has worked in a wide variety of production positions for acclaimed films and TV shows like Friday Night Lights and Elvis and Annabelle, starting Blake Lively. In this exclusive webinar, she will personally walk you through every step of the production process so you can confidently and successfully get your project from script to screen.

    This will be your go-to guide for the production process for all of your projects!

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    • Some of What You Will Learn From Kristy:

      Script Preparation
      Case Studies of successful films
      Foreign Sales
      Financing Structure and Production Plan
      Testing/Focus Groups
      P&A / Marketing
      Recorded Q&A with Kristy
      This webinar is available for immediate download. You will have instant access to 90 minutes of direct instruction from a working creative executive who knows the production process inside and out.

      You will have unlimited access to this material for a full year, so you can watch it whenever and however often you’d like.

      Learn how to take your vision for your film and make it a reality with this exclusive opportunity from a successful Creative Executive in Hollywood! @actingnetworks

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