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Bill Gates Dirty Tricks in Burkina Faso and Nigeria, by Sussy Vozniak, reporter for Intelicor Press, Vienna.

Paris: Secret documents leaked on the fiasco in Burkina Faso expose troubling information on the undercover activities of the American Multi-Billionaire Bill Gates in the small African nation and across the region. Intelicor veterans in Paris express unease as the Burkinabe government led by Prime Minister Paul Kaba Thieba resigned

The story began in January 2018, when Bill Gates pledged USD $45 million to the health initiative in Burkina Faso. Some felt that the funds were a decoy to cover bribery to top government officials for allowing the program to release the GMO mosquitoes in Burkina Faso. The GMO mosquitoes were programmed at Imperial College London under a grant from Bill Gates to sterilize natural mosquitoes and humans across the African continent over time

The terrifying news of the secret project for Human Sterilization of Africans with GMO mosquitoes alarmed African leaders, who quickly came down hard on President Kabore forcing him to act. Similar teams are working in Mali and Uganda. The homing endonuclease gene (HEG) that sterilizes the female mosquitoes also could be passed through saliva to humans during bites and the human in turn could pass it on through sexual intercourse to another human, in a cascade that could have the entire Black Continent exterminated before anything could be done about it. This is why 170 Global Groups called for Moratorium on the release of these new genetic extinction technology at the UN Convention

The GMO mosquitoes were moved into Burkina Faso from UK illegally under EU regulations

Ànd fresh evidence from trials in Cayman Islands, Panama and Brazil show that the Oxitec’s GM mosquitoes failed to reduce the female mosquitoes population

It goes to reinforce what critics have always said, that it is not about the mosquitoes but about making people sterile.

Investigations revealed that, of the $45 million dollars pledged by Bill Gates, $10 million dollars were earmarked for family planning

In the secret deal, the Minister of Health of Burkina Faso Professor Nicolas Meda appointed the wife of the Prime Minister Anne Thieba as ambassador for family planning

And so she has authority over the funds. However, some say that “it is to keep it within the family”, that raised the smoking gun prompting in-depth investigation by President Kabore and could have exposed the comprising evidence against Prime Minister Thieba. The Intelicor veteran said “in all cases, we see a pattern, that Bill Gates uses monetary bribes disguised as philanthropic donations to compromise African leaders, to take actions with devastating consequences for their nations”.

The HIDDEN AGENDA is usually not fully understood by the African leaders the source continues. According to a business consultant who has been involved in tracking Bill Gates’ investments in biotechnology, the main focus for Bill Gates is to have the controlling shares in the biotechnology companies for food production sold in Africa as GMO crops. With partners such as Monsanto (now under the German company Bayer with a troubled Nazi past

Bill Gates will control the food security and polity of Africa and could at any moment exterminate the Black Africans in the Continent as his partners did in Vietnam and Auschwitz with agent Orange and Chlorine Gas. Bill Gates used pseudo-names Boko Haram in Nigeria and Al-Shabab (formaerly unknown local Islamic groups with tens of followers) in Kenya to bring Black Africa’s fastest growing populations to a standstill. Boko Haram, Al-Shabab and ISIS are all funded by Bill Gates and were trained by Blackwater

The Western governments are culprits in the crime, until the coming of Donald Trump the U.S. was the main sponsor in partnership with Bill Gates! Bill Gates owns the majority shares in Monsanto/Bayer

For example, Bill Gates’ acquisition of Ginkgo a $1 billion USD biotech company in Boston MA that prints DNA for GMO crops will give him control over the food security in Africa, should the continent go GMO. Africans would not out of free-will give up their natural crops for GMOs except if they are forced to do so. An agronomist Anaïs Étienne says Africans would be left without choice because all the fields are being cleared by Boko Harma fighters and their farmers driven out to displaced people camps and would be given GMO crops to plant during rehabilitation through NGOs and UN organisations supported by the Gates Foundations.

Ismail Kadir, a real estate agent in Maiduguri, Nigeria says “all my foreign clients operating NGOs are taking rents for 5 to 10 years and I ask them what would they be doing here in ten years, if they do not think that the insurgency would last that long”. Bill Gates is operating a special type of business philanthropy, whereby the aim is to create the problem of insurgency and offer the solution with GMO crops which will guarantee him as the main supplier of seeds and hence food, then grow it into a business worth $1 trillion USD by 2030

On the other hand, Claudia McAnthony a reproductive health expert on sabbatical in an elite laboratory in Paris says “making Africans sterile would mean their women would go for invitro-fertilization (IVF) to seek for help to conceive, but their ovarian eggs would be poached for embryonic stem cell research as young Africans are killed for experiments in European and American laboratories of companies seeking to clone human organs for sale, a business worth over $30 trillion USD by 2030”.

Nigeria and Kenya supply most of the ovarian eggs used in embryonic stem cell research in Europe and America, only to leave the donors die slowing in Africa from kidney failure, liver failure, cancers and infections. It is convenient for Bill Gates to hire for the crimes against humanity, people posing as Islamists paid in US dollars through proxies and blame it on Islamic fundamentalists. Bill Gates shows up frequently for photo-ops on Polio with African leaders and leaves donations to feed the corrupt practices in the continent. The Polio program has been a very big cover for Bill Gates as the good man from America, while he uses it to facilitate clandestine operations including administering sterilizing agents

And using the vehicles marked as vaccination team to convey Boko Haram fighters beyond military checkpoints. The process began since 2009 in the food growing region of Northeast Nigeria.

The mercenaries hired first from Liberia

Sierra-Leone, and later from Libya, Chad, Niger, by Blackwater/Academie/Xe owned by Bill Gates and Monsanto/Bayer

Fighters are paired $10,000 a month as Boko Haram fighters in Nigeria ( ) by Bill Gates. The Boko Haram attacks will intensify as the elections in Nigeria draws near as it is now clear Bill Gates is supporting the opposition leader Atiku Abubakar who he could convince to allow GMO crops in Nigeria. In a recent visit to the U.S facilitated by Bill Gates, at a time there is a government shutdown it is clear Atiku Abubakar was not welcome anywhere within the US government and US Congress, but for a publicity stunt, and an opportunity to seal up the deal with Bill Gates in person. Atiku Abubakar has been barred from the U.S. pending US Congressional investigation on corrupt practices by him and his family in the United States from Nigeria

Many experts expect Bill Gates to sponsor dramatic Boko Haram attacks aimed at embarrassing the government of President Buhari of Nigeria and to help the opposition

Some think that Bill Gates using his Boko Haram mercenaries have planned attacks with aim of assassinations of top officials to demonstrate to Nigerians that their government is weak on security. The government of Burkina Faso has been in partnership with the US government under the Obama administration and Bill Gates, and provided its territory for U.S. military bases for training of the top mercenaries for Boko Haram to fight in Nigeria.

Some have suggested that, Bill Gates and George Soros financed the coup in Burkina Faso in 2015 to maintain these military bases for sponsorship of the insurgency in Nigeria and for destabilization of the entire West African region

The Bill Gates sponsored Jihadists have now turned against the Burkinabe government as relations soured because of pressure from African leaders ( ). There is growing dissatisfaction among African leaders with actions of Bill Gates on the African Continent. Even more distressful is the connivance with leaders of Western Countries like France, Germany and Britain, who have collaborated in the destabilization of Africa.

The growing popularity of China is a direct reflection of the feeling of unease in African capitals that the entire Western countries have gone rouge. According to Laurent Kosic, a political analyst in Paris, who has lived for over a decade in Africa, said “ this is typical of Africa, they would rather avoid you than pick a fight, but what they need now is a total ban of genetically modified organisms across the continent”. “The effort by Bill Gates to sterilize the entire black people of Africa with GMO foods and GMO mosquitoes all fits well with UNFPA targets to depopulate the continent and provide a means for perpetual colonialism” – he added.

The watch is on as President Kabore names Christophe Dabire as the new prime minister, but the last is yet to be heard from the events unravelling in Burkina Faso.

Wake up dear Africans. Bilgates is a devil,based on his move of depopulation of Africans. Please share.

Is This Judgement Racist & Unlawful

Did This Judge 👨🏻‍⚖️ Make a Racist Statement?

Educator 👩‍🏫 Says – Falsified Schooling’s of White Supremacy Breathe Racism

Youngest Black Restaurant Man 👨🏿 In The World Today

Calling Caucasians ‘White’ People Promotes Racism

Calling Caucasians ‘white’ people, promotes racism

The people of Europe were tricked, many centuries ago, into calling themselves white.

It was part of a powerful psychological plot, to make the people of Europe see themselves as the bright, shining, clean-cut, saviours of the world.

They were white knights; whom their white god (and his son) had created to rule the world.

All other races were inferior to the ‘white race.

All other races were dark and akin to evil spirits.

This Information ℹ️ is Provided by Chiniquy –

lies dark devil II dark devil III DARK DEVIL AND LIGHT ANGEL

These are some of the typical images I saw as a child, showing a Caucasian (white) god fighting off dark (black) evil devils.


We MUST stop referring to Caucasians as ‘white people.”

The term white has the most wonderful definitions in the dictionary.

We are feeding the egos of Caucasians, whenever we call them ‘white.’

Calling Caucasians ‘white,’ will make them subconsciously (and sometimes consciously) believe that they are superior to all other racial groups.

We are unwittingly bolstering racism within Caucasians, by using the term white, as an identification for their race.

We are giving Caucasians a kind of psychological position, over other races; when we call them ‘white.’

Seeing themselves as the ‘white race’, is one of the reasons why; Caucasians continue to believe that they are a superior race.

The goal in stop calling Caucasians ‘white; is to help them, to understand that they are just, equal members of the Human family.

That all Human Beings have been created with the same abilities.

And for Caucasians, to stop seeing their race as being a superior, or master race, above other races.


As part of this plot, all races on Earth were divided into a color scheme.

There was the white race; the black race; the yellow race; the red race; and the brown race.

The purpose of this color scheme was to divide the Human family.

According to the hidden secret promoters of this divisive plot; whites were the top race and all the other colors fell into place below them.

These secret manipulators of the people of Europe; had already been manipulating the European Gentiles for centuries.

They kept control over them; by constantly feeding their egos.

They tricked them into believing that The Creator of the Heavens and Earth; was a ‘white’ god who looked just like them.

And this ‘white’ god, had a ‘white’ son who looked like the typical European, Caucasian male.

They made the Caucasian Christians believe that the ‘white race’ was superior to all other races.

They fed their egos with a false concept of their human worth; thus enabling these evil manipulators to control the people of Europe.

This made the Caucasians of Europe gullible dupes.

They became putty in the hands of the members of this ancient secret society.


This ancient secret group, existed many centuries before the Masonic Order or any other secret groups were even created.

In fact they were instrumental in forming the Masonic Order and later other secret groups like, the Illuminati the Bilderberg Group, the Skull and Bones etc

The people of Europe had become suspicious and believe that a certain ethnic group (Jews) were manipulating and controlling them.

In order to hide themselves, this ancient society created these other secret groups in order to hide among them.

The purpose was to keep themselves well hidden.

They were like a tree hiding among other trees.

But the members of this original group have always been the circle (ring), or secret society that has controlled all the other secret societies (rings).


They have total control of all the secret groups that now exist.

They are the ‘Lords of the Rings.’ They rule all the other secret circles.

They are the ‘ringleaders’.


Identifying people as the yellow, red and brown race have disappeared from common usage in the world today; except for black and white (and of course the Washington Redskins 🙂 ).

The two terms of yellow and brown race have disappeared from common usage; because the people formerly called those racial names, have become very powerful in the world.

The Chinese and the Japanese people were once called the yellow race.

And the people of India and some of the people in the so-called Middle East were once identified as members of the brown race.

Now, no one would dare refer to them by those degrading racial, color names.

Likewise these two terms of black and white, should also disappear from being used to identify Human Beings.


The majority of Caucasians prefer to be called white.

On many occasions, when I have been in conversations with my Caucasian associates; they seemed irritated when I used the term Caucasian instead of white.

I was once asked, by a Caucasian co-worker (with a hurt look on his face), why I was saying Caucasian instead of white.

I told him that, I don’t use color labels as a racial identification for Human Beings.

He nodded in agreement, but I don’t believe, that he was completely satisfied with my answer.


Europeans were deceived centuries ago into calling themselves ‘whites;’ and that deception continues right up to this present century.

They were/are being manipulated by a secret circle (ring); who want the Caucasian race to see themselves as a superior race.

At first the Gentiles’ secret masters, wanted them to go on ‘holy crusades,’ to capture Jerusalem from dark skinned Muslims.

This Information ℹ️ is Provided by Chiniquy –

Ist Crusader battle

In later centuries, they were convinced by their secret masters; that the ‘white race,’ had been given a “Manifest Destiny” from their god, to rule over the whole Earth.

So if they went to lands where there were no other Caucasians; then they claimed to be the discoverers of those lands.

Totally disregarding the native people; who had been living there for centuries.

If those people were not Caucasians; then they didn’t count.

Their ownership of their lands meant nothing to Caucasians.

Their civilization, their culture, their history, their lives; none of it mattered.

Only the ‘white race’ mattered.

The people’s religion and culture was replaced by Christianity (the worship of a Caucasian god and his son) and European culture.

All those who resisted, were called savages and brutally suppressed and killed.

Only ‘white’ lives mattered.

Idol worshippers


“Christian supremacy was later changed to ‘white’ supremacy”

Click below to ‘read the article.

The World’s Plunderers


During the era of European and American imperialism; they had a term,”the whiteman’s burden.”

The whiteman’s burden, meant that Caucasians were given the responsibility, for ruling all the non Caucasian people all over the world.

Non Caucasians were all savages, and Caucasians were the ones to give them civilisation.

That kind of thinking still exist among many Caucasians.

Yes, make America great again.


Comic with a newspaper article; from over 100 years ago.

It shows Britain and the USA were burdened with the responsibility of enlightening the savages from China, Africa, Asia, the so-called Middle East etc. etc.


Additionally we should also stop referring to people of African descent as ‘black.’

The term white has very positive meaning; whereas the term black has very negative meanings.

Contrasting to black are all the wonderful positive descriptions that the term “white” means i.e. pure, purity, innocence, clean, light, bright, clear, honest, free from blemish, angelic etc. etc.

The Spanish may have been the first people from Europe; to call the people of Africa; black (negra).

The description of black, was not just because of the dark complexion of the people in Africa; it was used by them to belittle the people of Africa.

They used the term black as a racial identification, to show that Africans were the opposite of ‘whites.’

Whites were an enlightened, intelligent, beautiful and cultured race.

Whites had a ‘divine spark’ within them.

A divine spark meant that they had a connection to god.

Whereas ‘blacks’ were the opposite.

White was angelic; and black was demonic.

[hint: Angel Fruit Cake is white, whereas Devil’s Fruit Cake is black]

To them black meant ignorant, savage, backwards, ungodly and prone to do evil.

The Caucasian race has been psychologically programmed for centuries to fear and hate ‘black’ people.

It is not the color black that they fear/hate, but just ‘black’ people.

They love black in just about everything else.

They love black clothes, black shoes, black hats, black dogs, black cats, black horses, black automobiles, etc.

Just not ‘black’ people.

This psychological programming to hate and fear ‘black’ people may have began, during the times of the Christian Crusades; to retake Jerusalem from dark skinned Muslims.

Ist Crusader battle

This ancient painting was made, showing the first Christian Crusade in the 11th century

This Information ℹ️ is Provided by Chiniquy –

The Christians of Europe had to be manipulated into seeing the Muslims as ‘black’ and evil.

The Caucasian people of Europe have been fearing and hating dark skinned people since that time.

The Caucasian people of the United States have been fearing African Americans since they began calling themselves black.

They see this black racial name as an act of war.

That is why many Caucasians reacted negatively to the slogan, ‘black lives matter’.

I personally don’t believe that their reaction would have been so negative if the slogan had been, “the lives of African Americans matter’.

Because of the centuries of programming from the European people’s secret manipulators; the term ‘black people’ conjure up all kinds of negative reactions within their souls.

They have been buying and stockpiling weapons since African Americans began demanding that they be called ‘black’ instead of Negro or Colored people; during the 1970s.

They wholeheartedly believe that there will be a war between ‘whites’ and ‘blacks’.

This Information ℹ️ is Provided by Chiniquy –


The majority of definitions in the Dictionary for black is negative.

Black plague,


black magic,

black sheep (bad person),

blacked out (loss of consciousness),

blackout (loss of electrical power),

black hole (object in space),

a black outlook (problems),

black balled (blocked from something),

blacklisted (list of those blocked) etc. etc.

The synonyms for black are also negative:

















funereal (cheerless, joyless),















The majority of these definitions and synonyms have been used historically to describe people of African descent.

A negative label used to identify a people, will in time produce negative behaviour in them.


It has been about 50 years since the people of African descent in America; and in many other parts of the world, adopted the term black; as a racial identification.

And since then (especially in America), African Americans, have been more divided and hateful towards each other; than at any other time in their history.

There have been more senseless killings of each other, in their neighbourhood; than at any other time during our over 400 years in the Americas.

Click below for more detailed explanation: The Danger of Calling Ourselves Black.


The false teachings associated with Christianity is the root cause of Caucasian Racism in the world today.

Jesus of Nazareth was a man who received Divine Inspiration from The Creator.

He was not the Creator (nor the ‘son of The Creator’).

To worship a physical flesh and blood human being as a g-d (or The One *G-D) depicted in a Caucasian image or any other racial image for that matter, will (and has) caused racial division among the Human Family.

Absorb This Information ℹ️


The people who see the resemblance of themselves in the historical fake European painted pictures of Jesus of Nazareth; has erroneously believe that they are superior to others who don’t look like Jesus.

They will believe that The Creator has favoured them above all other races.

Incidentally, the original images of Jesus and his mother were dark skinned.


Many of these statues and paintings, still exist in many parts of Europe.

Off the subject but Buddha was also dark skinned.

This Information ℹ️ is Provided by Chiniquy –

Here is an ancient paining from the Ajanta Caves in India.

The Ajanta paintings are the earliest depictions of Buddha.

Ancient Buddhist art. Obviously Buddha was dark skinned

The lighter skinned image of Jesus became prevalent in Europe, right around the time, the holy crusades began.

The Christians in Europe, had to see Jesus in their own racial image and likeness.

And they had to see the Muslims as being, dark skinned, evil and ungodly.

That was one of the motivating factors for them to travel thousands of miles away from their homelands, to liberate Jerusalem from these dark skinned Muslim infidels.

That was the beginning of the European people’s belief; that it was their god-given right, to enslave and rule all non Caucasian peoples.

The people of those nations who didn’t accept Caucasians as a superior race (through accepting Christianity) were slaughtered or enslaved.


The Merciful G-D has not given us permission to make any physical likeness to HIM.

To say that The All-Mighty Creator of the Heavens and Earth has a son is one of the most blasphemous thing any human being can do.

We have been deceived by the ancient (and still active) secretive Clan of Satan into worshiping G-D as a man.

And the people of the world has been doubly deceived by this trickery into putting the Caucasian race on a pedestal above all the other ethnic groups of people.

This deception has had a devastating effect on all non Caucasians (and Caucasian also).

But its’ effect has been worse on the people of African descent.

Look at how many Christians of African descent world-wide (primarily the women) has tried to alter their physical appearance (straight hair, bleaching skin, etc.) so that they will look more like Caucasian women. negroe


This Information ℹ️ is Provided by Chiniquy –

Sammy Sosa, ashamed of his dark skin; so he bleached it.

Many Christian women of African descent will go to their churches and say Jesus, Jesus, Jesus!

But subliminally, Caucasian men are who they really desire and worship.

They will marry a man of African descent but he will never measure up to the ‘man’ whom they really love (which is Caucasian Jesus).

The majority of them will not even realize that they are psychologically in love with all Caucasian men.

The psychological chains around their hearts and minds are not visible except to those who can read the signs.

Straight hair wigs and weaves, dyeing their hair in various colors, skin bleaching to lighten their skin and sometimes cosmetic surgery to straighten their noses.

Who is this done for? Who are they trying to please?

Certainly not their men of African descent.

They are trying to fulfill the image of what, Caucasian men desire for their women.

Caucasian men like their women to dress and look a certain way.

So the women of African descent, are trying to follow that fashion.

Absorb This!

This Information ℹ️ is Provided by Chiniquy –

Many of our women with this type of mentality; usually are the angriest when they have been rejected by Caucasian society.

They are angry, because they have tried so hard to be perceived as one of them (Caucasians), that the rejection is felt deeply.

Women of African descent must wake up!

They must stop imitating the beauty standards of Caucasian women!

There is nothing wrong with your natural hair, or with your facial features or darker complexion.

You are beautiful just as you are.

You are doing mental and spiritual harm to (yourselves and your) children, from their earliest age, with your slavish imitation of Caucasian women.

You are raising your children into developing a low self-esteem about their physical appearance.

You can bring about a positive change for the future generations of our people by stopping IMMEDIATELY this slavish worship and imitation of Caucasian women.

This Information ℹ️ is Provided by Chiniquy –

Absorb This!

Men of African descent must also wake up!

A real man would not worship an image supposedly of a g-o-d that looks like another race of people.

How could he sit in his house of worship and see his wife and his children looking up reverently, towards the image of a man belonging to a race other than his own?

Especially of a race that has historically treated our people worse than animals.

To see the Creator in any physical imagery is wrong!!

But it is even worse for a people to worship HIM in an image that belongs to another race.

This Information ℹ️ is Provided by Chiniquy –


The majority of the television programs are designed to make Caucasian believe that they are a superior race.

Even when some of these shows, include people of other races; the shows are still designed to make these other races look less than the Caucasian characters.

All this talk about “liberal Hollywood” is all bullcrap.

The media if they were not promoting division among the races, could eliminate racism in our country (and around the world) in less than 10 years.

With the right type of programming; racism would disappear.

Those idiotic movies made recently supposedly about Moses, Jesus and Noah just creates more racists among Caucasians and mental slaves among non Caucasians..

The subliminal ideas promoted by these movies and the false teachings of Christianity is that The Creator only send inspiration to the Caucasian race.


Those who continue to worship the Creator in the image of a man or say that the creator has a son, will continue to live miserable lives.

No matter how hard or loud they shout their erroneous beliefs in their churches.

This Information ℹ️ is Provided by Chiniquy –


We must put our complete faith and trust in The One and Only Creator of the Heavens and Earth.

There is only One Creator; and HE does not have flesh and blood children.

HE is not part of the creation.

Trusting in HIM alone, will lead us into overcoming the evils of this world.

Then no one can stop us from achieving success as a people.

People who don’t like us because of our race or our new religious beliefs; are just the obstacles put in our way to make us trust in HIM even more.

The more you depend on The One *G-D, the more HE will respond to you.

With the help of The All-Mighty Creator; EVERYTHING is possible.

Imam Wallace D. Mohammed (who was the leader of the largest group of Muslim Americans) often asked his students not to identify our racial/ethnic group by skin color.

Here is an excerpt from the April 1984 Jumah (Friday) service delivered in Harlem N.Y. at the Masjid Malcolm Shabazz.

This Information ℹ️ is Provided by Chiniquy –

Imam Mohammed (April 1984) said, “Sometime, I wonder why the whites like to call us black and them white?

Then it came to me.

They are speaking to a reality that we would like to ignore or shut our eyes to.

That reality is that we lack, we lack the means, supports, etc., to establish our race in America.

We are people lacking.

Do you know that B.L.A.C.K is “B lack”. We say black but it’s “b lack”, be lacking.

We are be lacking in so many ways.

Now, that’s not our language, that’s English. I wonder how come they like to call us blacks?

I’ve been talking to them, and I say, “Why are you calling me black?” I show them something that darker than me. I say, “What color is that?

They say, “Dark brown.” I say, “How come I’m black and that’s dark brown and I’m lighter than that?”

Since the passing of Imam W. Deen Mohammed some Muslims among his students have returned to using racist language by identifying themselves by skin color.

*G-D instead of god. When it is spelt backwards it is “dog.” This is not a respectful spelling to be used for The Lord-Creator of the Heavens and Earth.

In addition this English spelling of god was a secret joke on the Christians in England by their secretive Satanic minded masters.

What they were saying was: Christianity is like a dog with a master.It can ony go where we let it.

In later centuries, people with similar evil minds created the dog collar shirts worn by priests.

The shirt was buttoned from the back like the collar of a dog. The dog’s collar has a place in the back where a leash is attached

Thus cementing the secret message, that Christianity was under their control; that it was on a leash.



Click below to ‘read’ the article.





This is the Reason Why, some European countries and the USA Believe that they are Entitled to Rule and Control the World.

Absorb This!






Absorb This!

Why Are People of African Descent, Still Doing This?

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Why are so many People of African Descent, Suffering from an Ugly Duckling Syndrome?

Why are so many People of African Descent, Suffering from an Ugly Duckling Syndrome?

Marcus Garvey’s Speech: Confession of a Great White Man & and Leader

This Information ℹ️ is Provided by Chiniquy –


Check him out – Dr. William Thompson – Knew that the MMR Vaccinating gives Black Boys 👦🏿 Autism at a rate of 240% higher than his White Counterpart, after failing to commit Suicide!


French President Emmanuel Macron said: *”With a family that has seven, eight children in Africa, even if you invest billions, nothing will change, because the challenge of Africa is civilizational”.* The Guinean sociologist Amadou Douno, a professor at the Ahmadou-Dieng University of Conakry, answers him.
*”Africans do not need your debauchery civilization. Because with your civilization: a man can sleep with a man; a woman can sleep with a woman; a single president can have two mistresses at a time; a woman can sleep with her dog; a child can insult his father and mother without problem; a child can imprison his parents.”*
*”With your civilization, when parents are getting older, they are taken to the retirement home, and finally, with your civilization, a young man can live with a woman who is his mother’s age or his grandma without problem. Your case is a perfect illustration!* *Africans have no civilization lesson to receive from people like you!* *Africa is by far the richest continent in the world with its enormous mineral wealth. What is delaying this continent is the large-scale pillage of its resources by the great powers, France in the lead!”* *”All the misery of Africa comes from this country that realizes its ambitions on the backs of Africans, with the complicity of these traitors who do not hesitate to sacrifice entire generations by delivering their countries to the former colonizing power.* *They entrust all the key sectors of their economies to France. In reality, they lead the political strategy or vision desired by the former settler.* *This contributes to driving their populations into misery and extreme poverty.* *This is the cause of coups d’état, civil wars, genocides, famines, with despots at the head of these countries that are kept in power by France, because it meets all their requirements!”*
*”France is nothing without Africa! The day the African countries turn their backs on France, this country will plunge into chaos! As long as African countries do not abandon this domination of the former colonial power, by taking charge of their own destiny, as the Asian countries have done, it will be very difficult for them to get out of the abyss.* *The challenge for Africa is to get rid of France. Because the latter is not the solution to its underdevelopment, it is at the heart of the problem!*


Who Are You?

Steve Jobs dies a billionaire, with a fortune of $ 7 billion, at the age of 56 from pancreatic cancer, and here are some of his last words:
In other eyes, my life is the essence of success, but aside from work, I have a little joy, and in the end wealth is just a fact of life to which I am accustomed.
At this moment, lying on the bed, sick and remembering all my life, I realize that all my recognition and wealth that I have is meaningless in the face of imminent death.
You can hire someone to drive a car for you, make money for you but – you can not rent someone to carry the disease for you. One can find material things, but there is one thing that can not be found when it is lost – “life”.
Treat yourself well, and cherish others. As we get older we are smarter, and we slowly realize that the watch is worth $ 30 or $ 300 – both of which show the same time.
Whether we carry a purse worth $ 30 or $ 300 – the amount of money in the wallets are the same. Whether we drive a car worth $ 150,000, or a car worth $ 30,000 – the road and distance are the same, we reach the same destination.
If we drink a bottle worth $ 300 or wine worth $ 10 – the “stroller” will be the same.
If the house we live in is 300 square meters, or 3000 square meters – the loneliness is the same.
Your true inner happiness does not come from the material things of this world. Whether you’re flying first class,
or economy class – if the plane crashes, you crash with it.
So, I hope you understand that when you have friends or someone to talk to – this is true happiness!
Five Undeniable Facts:-
1. Do not educate your children to be rich. Educate them to be happy. – So when they grow up they will know the value of things, not the price.
2. Eat your food as medicine, otherwise you will need to eat your medicine as food.
3. Whoever loves you will never leave you, even if he has 100 reasons to give up. He will always find one reason
to hold on.
4. There is a big difference between being human and human being.
5. If you want to go fast – go alone! But if you want to go far – go together!

And in conclusion,
The six best doctors in the world.
1. Sunlight
2. Rest
3. Exercise
4. Diet
5. Self-confidence
6. Friends
Keep them in all stages of life and enjoy a healthy life.
“Love the people God sent you, one day he’ll need them back.”
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