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💡”Be Aboriginally Heatlhy”🥜
Article 24
Indigenous Peoples Have The Right To Their Traditional Medicines And Health Practices,
Including The Right To The Protection Of Vital Medicinal Plants, Animals And Minerals,
They Also Have The Right To Access, Without Any Discrimination, To All Medical
Institutions, Health Services And Medical Care.
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IMMUNIZATION — Forced Poisoning

It is your Unalienable, Constitutionally Secured Right, to refuse to be injected with poison. No alleged “government” can, under Threat, Duress, or Coercion, (and trickery), force or compel you to do otherwise. One must be conscious of the fact that there exist the intent to reduce the population, particularly of the Aboriginal and Indigenous peoples. Many of these immunizations are designed to take effect later, bringing numerous medical challenges, including death. They are designed to take effect later to trick the people into not connecting the illness / death to the immunization injection / process. Usually informing them that you and/or your child will not be participating in vaccinations because it is against your Religion, has been sufficient. However, if it becomes necessary to Lawfully document your position, you may utilize the below Writ.

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1. Willie Lynch TEST
Immunization Writ
This information and the Affidavit can also be found on “What’s New On This Site” page.
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posted 12/31/13
Drinking Your Sustenance
The Master Cleanse is Not Just For ‘Weight Loss Programs’
Many have heard of the “Master Cleanse’ drink, usually utilized when cleansing the body, however there are many who drink it all the time, as it has all the nutrients the body needs to sustain itself. All solid foods are broken down into liquids before the body can utilize any nutrients or anything of value from it. Thus, it is logical to simply put sustenance inside your body in the form of liquid in the first place. By doing so, it is less taxing on the digestive organs, as 35% of the bodies energy is utilized when digesting solid foods. This is why it is advised NOT to swim after eating. Drinking your sustenance does not deplete the body of its energy. In fact it offers instantaneous nutrients and instantaneous energy. The drink commonly called the “Master Cleanse’ has important, life sustaining ingredients. In the below article we will share those ingredients and their benefits and instructions to make the “Master Cleanse’ yourself. The following report is done by Hamatiel.


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National Identification Card


Thank You for your interest and activity, however, the universe thanks you more. Nationality is not really a process except for if and when it starts in the mind, as you now already know, if you didn’t before.

It has apparently awakened in you, thus Declaring it is to be clear yourself and does not necessarily require any paperwork, but does require study to be clear yourself, as you can only be what you know.

Proclaiming is the publishing, and that is where the ‘paperwork’ comes in. Anything in written form is but a brief expressing your position regarding a matter, whatever that matter may be and that includes the card itself, which is a brief and lawful claim.

Friday 14 April 2017 09:13AM
Identity: Evidence, sameness; the fact that a subject, person, or thing before a court is the same as it is represented, claimed or charged to be.
Person: In general usage, person means a human being (i.e. a ‘natural person’); though by statute, a ‘person’ may include a firm, labor organizations, partnerships,
associations, corporations,
legal representatives,
trustees, trustees in bankruptcy, or receivers.
Corporations are “persons” as that word is used in the first clause of the 14th Amendment
Therefore, if you are operating with 14th amendment, you are SAYING loudly, you are a corporation!!!
“There is no need for the application of the 14th and 15th amendment for the salvation of our people and citizens” – Prophet Noble Drew Ali


  1. About Status •

1a. About Ex Rel and Nom Deguerre •

  1. Identification Arrest Laws? •

2a. Correcting ‘Name” •

Common Law Name Correction PDF •

  1. State Fed and Local Government •

4 International Declarations •

Preamble Rights of Indigenous People PDF •

Enforcement and Encouragement •

  1. About Travel Card •
  2. About Student Card •

  3. About Choosing Appellation Title •


  5. FYI Taxes •

  6. Divine Constitution and By-Laws •

  7. About Test •

  8. Sealing Proclamation Papers •

Nationality Test 1 PDF •

Nationality Test 2 PDF •

  1. Application Form For Cards •

Aboriginal Love

posted 8/5/16
These cards, whether obtained seperately or all at one time are NOT a Sovereignty package, or a part of a sovereignty package. They are identification Cards. We do not sell sovereignty, it is NOT for sale. We deal with Birthrights, Natural Rights, Liberties that come from the shear act of being born.

It is very interesting that if anyone were to get an identification and a drivers license and a school ID from a corporation, or any Institution, they do not call it a sovereign

Important Message Regarding National Identification Card:
One may be employed, do business, and enter into other contracts, and sue and be sued under any name they choose at will (Lindon v. First National Bank 10 F. 894, Coppage v. Kansas 236 U.S. 1, In re McUlta 189 F. 250).

The judicial or court method of changing one’s name, is merely an affirmance and aid of the “Common law”.

Thus, the common law, by superiority, establishes ‘supreme validation’, and suffices to serve Public Notice for Declaration of a Name Correction and Change, The ‘court method’ of corroborating a ‘name correction and change’ is not to be assumed as being necessary nor superior, but merely a formalized method of confirming or acknowledging a person’s right to a name correction or change.

Such a change carries the exact same legal weight as a court decreed name change as long as it is not done with fraudulent intent (In re McUlta 189 F. 250, Christianson v. King County 196 F. 791, United States v. McKay 2 F.2d 257).
“Your Nationality Card is going to change on you in your pocket.”
–Prophet Noble Drew Ali

It is advised that you read, review, and study this ENTIRE page regarding identification / identification cards / name corrections and / or change, prior to applying and obtaining a universal allodial identification card.

“If you don’t do anything else —
Declare Your Nationality”
— Prophet Noble Drew Ali
And then ‘we’ suggest you live your life accordingly,
beginning with your ‘Status’ as it sets the Stage for Matters of Jursidiction

Status: is “the standing, the state, or the condition; being a social position”. It is the legal relation of an individual to the rest of the community. Status also relates to the rights, the duties, the capacities and the incapacities, which determine a person to a given class. It is the legal, personal relationship, not temporary in its nature, nor terminable at the mere will of the parties, with which third persons and the state are concerned. While the term implies relation it is not a mere relation, it is a legal relation AND it establishes estate, since it also signifies the condition or circumstances in which one stands in regard to his property.
Note: Your Status sets the stage for Jurisdiction.

Jurisdiction: essentially the right to adjudicate (decide) regarding another. Jurisdiction covers, encompasses, assimilates and incorporates every type and kind of ‘Judicial Action’. Judicial actions pertain to authoritative actions and issues involving ‘Justice’ and the administration of ‘Justice’ in matters of “Rights of Parties”, Rights of Property”, and Judicial Proceedings, etc.
Jurisdiction equates to ‘Right Words’; as Juris means ‘Right’ and Diction means ‘words’.

From FAQ: Powers of multiple Trustees and effects of multiple beneficiaries AND getting soemthing recorded before the foreclosure sale takes place


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1. It isn’t illegal or prejudicial to a plaintiff trustee’s case for it to have acquired rights or be assigned a mortgage AFTER a borrower is in default — but it DOES raise issues of fact that must be heard by the Court. Since the Mortgage went into default there are several possibilities:
(a) under the pooling and service agreement the original lender might be the responsible party and unless that original lender is STILL  in privity with the CURRENT (was there a substitution?) trustee, the trustee might not be getting instructions from the real beneficiary.
(b) under the assignment(s) the real beneficiary might have changed as well.
(c) Remember that there are at least three Trustees in securitization — the Trustee on the Deed of Trust, the Trustee of the Pooled Assets, and the Trustee for the owners of certificates of mortgage backed securities. There are also substitutions of…

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Courts and Tribunals Judiciary | District Judges

All judges are appointed by Royal Warrant upon recommendation by the Lord Chancellor.

The Bench covers seven regions: London, Midlands, North Eastern, Northern, South Eastern, Western and Wales. The region in which the judge sits is given below, along with their date of appointment.

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