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WARNING: This story contains spoilers.

Image caption Suranne Jones and Bertie Carvel come face-to-face in the first episode

Doctor Foster is back on our screens, two years since the first series – and fans and critics alike seem happy to have her back.

It was the most-watched television programme on Tuesday night, beating Channel 4’s Great British Bake Off.

Suranne Jones reprises her role as Gemma Foster, which earned her a Bafta.

The new series sees the GP’s cheating ex-husband Simon – played by Bertie Carvel – return to his former home town with his new wife.

The BBC One show drew an average audience of 6.3 million viewers – slightly higher than Bake Off’s average of six million viewers. Channel 4’s figures include those watching on +1.

Image caption Could Suranne Jones be up for more awards?

The Independent Sean O’Grady says Jones is in contention for another Bafta and praises Mike Bartlett’s “skilfully rendered” script.

He says the set pieces, including a “wedding party debacle” and a “surprise Interflora package” with a rude message were “all done stylishly” and that the title sequence “drew us delicately into this middle class emotional hellhole”.

O’Grady has problems with Gemma’s nemesis, Kate however.

He writes: “I hate to say it, but Doctor Foster was also a bit compromised by the fact that the older (40 or so) woman is actually at least as attractive, smart and elegant as the younger (25 years old) usurper, Kate, played with well-calibrated naivety by Jodie Comer, who has only chronology on her side.”

The Guardian’s Lucy Mangan says she was gripped.

“An hour of the five in and I’ve already had so much fun I can barely type,” she writes.

“Simon drives up to the front door in a shiny new car. He smirks more smirkingly than anyone has ever smirked before to find her there, before delivering the most perfect pass-agg speech ever penned (I mentally prostrated myself at the feet of writer Mike Bartlett then and never really rose thereafter).”

Viewers of the show were also quick to take to Twitter.

Many were questioning the loyalty of Gemma’s co-worker Ros, who promised not to go to ex-husband Simon’s wedding party but was later outed. One fan describes Gemma’s colleague Ros as a “snake”.

Simon was also at the wrath of social media users – with many describing him in terms too colourful to publish.

And one writes she now hates her ex-husband after watching the show, despite the fact she’s never even been married.

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‘GOT’ Season 8 Filming Date Was Finally Revealed & It’s Sooner Than You Think

It’s utterly heartbreaking that the next season of  will be its last, but does it comfort you to know that the series will begin filming sooner than we expected? The  Season 8 filming date was finally revealed, so you can mark your calendars now to prepare for all your spoiler-hunting, photo-analyzing, counting-down-the-days needs.  confirms what Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Jaime Lannister) told Collider: will start shooting again in October.

But what does that mean for a premiere date? Well, that’s the not-so-great part. Since  began airing, the show had a history of hitting our small screens the same time every year for 10 episodes in April. But Season 7 came late this July, giving us just 7 episodes, thus changing up the cycle for the future. When it comes to , we are not fans of change.

This all means it’s doubtful that we’ll be getting a glimpse at the final season until next fall…. or 2019. Please, not 2019.

To top off our frustrations, Season 8 is expected to be its shortest at just 6 episodes. But wait! There’s more! Those 6 installments have the potential to be super-duper-sized, so don’t freak out thinking you only have a mere few more hours of  to look forward to in your life. Season 7 is already blessing us with longer-than-average eps, and Season 8 might stretch the viewing time even further. Picture a mini-movie every week. At last month’s Con of Thrones, sound designer Paula Fairfield revealed that there’s the possibility of feature-length eps coming our way. We’ll just have to sit tight waiting around for them.

But don’t fret, fans. Even if we’re somewhat in the dark about the series’ exact future timeline, we still have a big Season 7 finale to look forward to on Sunday. And from the looks of it, it’s going to be a doozy. Bonus points? It’s clocking it at a colossal 80 minutes long.

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North Korea’s bizarre new propaganda video looks more like a ‘Cadet Kelly’ sequel

After a long summer filled with escalating displays of military aggression and rising nuclear tension from North Korea, the country has taken a break from mocking Donald Trump’s tweets to show off how skilled its people are in the art of dance.

Yeah, you read that correctly.

A new propaganda video released from North Korean state news agency DPRK Today on Thursday features an epic and extremely confusing group dance routine complete with leaps and salutes, and what the heck is this, North Korea?

The video begins by showcasing photographs of armed troops, with dramatic music playing in the background. (TBH, the iMovie-esque presentation makes that part hard to take seriously.)

Then, the video cuts to men in uniform performing a choreographed dance routine. The video also showcases footage and photographs of military attacks, dispersed between clips of (admittedly impressive) dance moves. 

It’s hard to shake the feeling that this is a dramatic trailer for a sequel to Cadet Kelly — the inspiring Disney Channel original movie where Hillary Duff’s character goes to the George Washington Military Academy and competes in drill team regionals.

As we’ve learned from past propaganda videos (such as this elaborate concert set to an explosion of what looks to be San Fransisco), North Korea is no stranger to challenging the United States through strange videos.

But perhaps this performing arts entertainment approach is simply an attempt to get Donald Trump’s attention using something everyone knows he adores: reality television.

Think about it — based on his clear obsession with ratings and television don’t you think Trump is more likely to listen to a threat that’s riddled with components of America’s Got Talent or So You Think You Can Dance?

TBH — probably.

[h/t Gizmodo]

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There’s more to that ‘racist’ meme of Samuel L. Jackson and Magic Johnson than meets the eye

It’s certainly a zany story with a catchy headline — Italians mistake actor Samuel L. Jackson and legendary basketball player Magic Johnson for “lazy migrants.” But there’s much more to the story than a clickbaity title, and it taps into a widespread debate on populism, racism, and immigration.  

It all started when left-wing satirical writer Luca Bottura posted on Facebook a meme of Jackson and Johnson on holiday in Forte dei Marmi for what he later described as a “social experiment”— in a nutshell, to troll migrant-haters in the country.  

The caption reads: “Boldrini’s resources in Forte dei Marmi shop at Prada with our €35. Share this picture if you are outraged!!!”

It’s a derogatory reference to Laura Boldrini, president of the lower house in Italy — the UK equivalent would be the Speaker of the House of Commons — who is a champion for migrants’ rights in the country.  

Bottura’s meme intentionally mimics in style and language similar hate memes that are being shared all over social media by supporters of far-right and anti-immigration parties in Italy, such as the Northern League

Their trolling strategy routinely focuses on Boldrini, who in February published an open letter to Facebook founder and Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg, calling him out for failing to control hate speech and fake news on the platform.

Boldrini has been the target of rape threats and recently posted some of these messages on Facebook, along with the hashtag #AdessoBasta (#EnoughNow).

Bottura’s intention was to test how many Italians on Facebook would take the bait and fall for the fake meme.

And naturally many did, though not all of them as those articles want you to believe.  

As Bottura later said on Facebook: “The meme was shared thousands of times and 40% of people understood the provocation, 30% were outraged and 20% thought it was a racist meme and I had failed to recognise Samuel Jackson and Earvin ‘Magic’ Johnson, (I will not reveal the 10 per cent).”

But his attempt kind of backfired when Nina Moric, a Croatian fashion model who lives in Italy, re-shared the picture with a similar caption:

Moric recently expressed her support for Casa Pound, a far-right political movement which is considered the new face of fascism in Italy. 

So obviously many people took her post seriously — thinking she failed to recognise Jackson and Johnson — and started schooling the model on the real identity of the people in the picture. 

However, Moric made it clear from the very first reactions to the comments that she was just trolling her critics. 

Just a few minutes after the post, someone objected: “But he’s the American actor.” To which she replied: “You’re the life and soul of the party.”

Image: screenshot/facebook

Another one said: “Nina Moric, you’re an idiot,” before sharing an article mentioning Samuel L. Jackson and Magic Johnson at Forte dei Marmi.

The model responded: “Ladies and gentlemen we have a winner. He even brought us some evidence!”

Image: screenshot/facebook

Moric was clearly enjoying this piece of trolling. 

She later said: “Each comment causes me a respiratory crisis [from laughter]. Please, stop”


There’s no denial that the debate on immigration and racism is spiralling out of control in Italy. 

But exercising some critical thought is key if you don’t want to feed the trolls and lose yourself in that holier-than-thou attitude.

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Please stop asking The Mountain to gouge out your eyes (he probably wont do it)

Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson, AKA Ser Gregor Clegane on Game of Thrones (AKA The Mountain), gets asked the question all the time. Hey, The Mountain, would you mind, kind sir, if you could make my eyes pop out of my head? The reason why is simple. This is what The Mountain did to Prince Oberyn in season 4. Note: In case you’ve forgotten, the video below is awfully violent. Apparently, some people want to experience what the prince felt.

“I get a lot of requests fans asking if I want to squeeze their eyes,” Björnsson told Entertainment Weekly. “That’s very popular. Or pick them up over head. But the most popular to squeeze their eyes out.”

Well, does Björnsson at least lift them up over his head? Sadly, the answer is no.

“I have had to say no because if I’m going to lift one person then so many others are going to ask to be lifted too,” he said. “If it’s just one person, OK, but it’s crowded then I know others are going to ask. You have to try to be fair to everyone, you know.”

So if you’re ever around The Mountain, you can expect to keep your feet on the ground and your eyeballs in their sockets. But there’s always the possibility of more extreme violence, especially if we ever get to actually see the Cleganebowl.


“That’s definitely something I would like to see,” he said. “And for most of the fans, it’s something they’re all waiting for. It looks like it’s going to go that way, but who knows? … I haven’t seen it yet in my head how I would kill him, but somehow I would smash his head or kill him like that. I think the fight would be quick rather than something long. I think people would be expecting a big fight but I would finish him really fast. It would be a surprise to people.”

Hopefully, though, The Hound would get to keep his eyes.

H/T the Independent

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Haaz Sleiman is a gay Muslim and total bottom and hes not shutting up.

Last week, actor ​Haaz Sleiman didn’t so much come out of the closet as much as he eagerly burst through its doors.

Photo by Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images.

On Aug. 22, the “Nurse Jackie” star put to bed a burning question the LGBTQ rumor mill had been churning for years: Yes, he’s gay.

In Sleiman’s unfiltered coming out video on Instagram, he emphatically stated he’s a “gay, Muslim, Arab-American man” and prefers “bottoming” during sex.

😈 💪🏽🌈💪🏽🌈

A post shared by Haaz Sleiman (@haazsleiman) on

His candidness sent the internet buzzing. Many fans were supportive, he notes, but his preference for bottoming (or receiving) sparked a flurry of accusatory comments claiming he made the video solely to create dramatic headlines and boost his career. Many media outlets chose that detail about his sex life to focus on specifically.

“Some people are comparing me to Trump,” the actor says with a laugh, noting the president’s attention-seeking ways. “I don’t know how that happened.”

Those critics are missing the point though.

The actor proudly shared his sexual preference for bottoming, he says, to fight back against a form of misogyny that shames queer men who enjoy that position and attaches harmful stereotypes to their identities.

As Jorge Rodriguez-Jimenez wrote for The Advocate:

“Some of the stigma associated with bottom-shaming is indicative of gender roles. How many times have you heard a straight person ask, ‘Which of you is the girl in the relationship?’ The guy on the bottom is the one being penetrated, which they associate with femininity. In this society, which is more of a handicap — being a woman or being a man who exhibits a trait associated with being a woman?”

Sleiman was hoping his candidness about bottoming would help change that destructive narrative — not garner some free press for a few days.

“It makes me think,” Sleiman says of the backlash from other gay men, “do they know that I’m on their side?”

Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images.

Sleiman is frustrated that much of the reaction to his video has missed the most important part of his message: Anti-LGBTQ violence is on the rise.

“The reason why I made this video and came out now in this manner is — it breaks my heart to know more and more gay people are being murdered,” he says. “A part of me doesn’t want the world to forget that they’re gone.”

Sleiman began his video citing a report that found 33 LGBTQ people — disproportionately transgender women of color — have been murdered as of August. Last year, excluding the mass shooting deaths at Orlando’s Pulse nightclub in June, that figure stood at 26 deaths — for the entirety of 2016.

“When I read that report, I couldn’t stop thinking about it,” Sleiman says. “I was obsessing about it.”

Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images.

Like many LGBTQ people, homophobia, transphobia, and anti-queer violence hits close to home for Sleiman.

The actor was born and raised in Lebanon — a country with very few legal protections for LGBTQ people — before immigrating to Michigan when he was 21 years old. While some family members have been supportive of Sleiman’s sexuality, many distant relatives in Lebanon have sent him vile messages after coming out, claiming he disgraced the family and asking him to change his last name.

“I don’t think I’m going to be able to go back to my village,” Sleiman says. “I don’t feel safe to go there anymore.”

Much of the pain he’s carried from a burdened childhood will be reflected in a new, semi-autobiographical film Sleiman is writing.

“I could not survive [in Lebanon]; I would have died,” he explains of the film’s personal nature. The movie, featuring a gay character, will aim to expand minds and open hearts for LGBTQ and straight, cisgender people alike. “Even if nobody hurt me, I would have died. The best way I could put it: I felt so alone.”  

That’s why the actor is speaking out — and speaking out loudly — now.

“Don’t ever forget that you are so powerful and you can do anything,” he notes to any closeted person who needs a shoulder to cry on. “No matter where you’re at, no matter what you’re dealing with, keep repeating that in your mind. And you will find a way.”

To learn more about and fight back against anti-LGBTQ violence, visit the Transwomen of Color Collective.

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Estas son las actrices porno que han salido en Game of Thrones

La popular serie de HBO, Game of Thrones se podr caracterizar por muchas cosas pero hay una en la que sobre sale: las escenas de sexo.

Y es que no son pocas las ocasiones en las que los actores principales tienen que actuar en candentes escenas muy ligeras de ropas. Sin embargo, para asegurarse que lo que pasa en la pantalla sea lo mas fiel posible a la realidad, los productores de la serie han recurrido a la ayuda profesional de actrices de porno verdaderas.

Esta es una lista de las que han aparecido hasta el momento.

  • 1. Aeryn Walker

    Vía: flickriver

    Ella es una de las 19 esposas de Craster. Es australiana y en su carrera se ha caracterizado por hacer cosplays de personajes medievales.

  • Vía: NaughtyNerdy aka Aeryn Walker
    Tan pronto la llamaron para confirmarle el papel, no puso contenerse y lo hizo saber al mundo entero.

  • 2. Samantha Bentley

    Vía: appakalm

    Samantha es una actriz muy conocida en su país de origen: Gran Bretaña por lo que su participación en la serie no fue ninguna sorpresa. Ha ganado el premio por la Mejor Escena lésbica en grupo en los premios AVN de 2013, así como la Mejor escena de sexo en producción extranjera en los AVN de 2015. Ha aparecido en la cinta Look Of Love así como el video “Naughty Boy” de Wiz Khalifa.

  • Vía: alphacoders

    A pesar de su fama, su participación en la serie fue apenas anecdótica. Aparece en una escena lésbica cuando Davos Seaworth negocia con Salladhor Saan.

  • 3. Josephine Gillan

    Vía: emirates247

    Esta actriz, aunque menos popular que las demás, ha salido en 6 episodios de la serie. Su papel es de una prostituta y afirma sin pudor que los actores, cuando realizan las escenas, están tan nerviosos que los siente temblar debajo de ella. También se hizo muy conocida su historia en la cual afirma que el papel en la serie la salvó de haber caído en la prostitución.

  • Vía: buzz

  • 4. Maisie Dee

    Vía: klejonka

    Apareció tres veces en la serie e inicialmente era una de las prostitutas que trabajaba para Littlefinger. 

  • Vía: judebgallery

    En la serie, Tyrion Lannister la contrata se la ofrece como regalo a Joffrey Baratheon pero termina sus dias en un sádico juego.

  • 5. Sahara Knite

    Vía: gyanchand

    Su nombre es Saeeda Vorajee. Esta estrella porno y dama de compañía ha causado controversia en Bran Bretaña debido a que es musulmana. Sahara Knite empezó en la industria de la moda y en 2005 saltó a la industria para adultos.

  • Vía: gyanchand

    Ella ha salido en las dos temporadas de Game of Thrones. En su primera participación salió como extra, pero en la segunda temporada salió Armeca, una prostituta de Littlefinger. Armeca tuvo un encuentro con el mercenario Bronn.

  • 6. Esmé Bianco

    Vía: wallpapersite

    Si bien Esmé Bianco no ha estado en la industria pornográfica como tal, es conocido su trabajo en el baile burlesque y videos eróticos softporn.

  • Vía: its-a-holly-good-day

    Esta actriz y DJ británica se ganó el corazón de todos con su actuació como Ros en Game of Thrones durante 14 episodios. Ros trabajó en el burdel de Littlefinger y fue una de las chicas que Tyrion Lannister le regala a su sobrino Joffrey Baratheon.

  • 7. Sibel Kekilli

    Vía: independent

    La actriz alemana ha dejado su pasado como actriz pornográfica atráves, pero el 2000 realizó más de 12 cintas bajo el nombre de Dilara. Después dejó la industria detrás y en 2004 protagonizó la cinta Head-On que le dio dos presitiogos premios Lolas.

  • Vía: Wrzl

    Su personaje es uno de los más conocidos de Game of Thrones ya que interpretó a Shae, una prostituta en Desembarco del Rey que fue la amante de Tyrion Lannister y la criada de Sansa Stark.

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I’m Not Telling You To Stop Watching NFL (But You Will)

Julio wished the bullfight would last forever. He knew every play by heart, just as a salmon knows its river, or a dancer knows cool-ass dance moves. He’d rooted for the picadores as they stabbed the bull’s neck with lances, as required by the rules. He’d cheered as the banderilleros planted blade after blade into the bull’s shoulders (another thing required by the sport’s rules). And now, in the fight’s final stage, Julio waited for the matador to finish the bull with a stab through the heart. Julio also knew the matador might fail to stab the bull’s heart, then slice the spinal cord instead. Or miss the heart, screw up the spine-slice, and keep hacking at the bull with more swords until it died a bloody mess. Julio knew that yes, that’s how actual bullfights can end in real life, for real. And Julio fuckin’ loved that shit. Julio’s father clapped his son on the shoulder. “That is your dream, my son, is it not? To be in the center of that ring? In front of your entire country?”

Julio cried out in super-hard agreement: “Oh yes, Papa! There is nothing I’d rather do than be … A BULL.”

Then Julio played high school bull, got a full bull scholarship to Spain A&M, and bulled in the pros till that killed him.

Okay, Hemingway I ain’t. Point is, I can’t watch the NFL anymore. And you’ll stop watching it too. In your own time. Because that’s the only way society’s relationship with football can go. Let me explain, because it’s not as “touchy, feely hippie bullshit” as you think.

Every society sets its own tolerance for sports brutality. Ancient Romans gave a thumbs-up to (less bloody than you think) sports-murder. Elizabethan England’s “athletes” did terrible things to bears. Millions of Spanish people follow bullfighting to this day, even though bullfighting is like that one Bugs Bunny cartoon if it was torture porn.

What’s American society’s tolerance for sports brutality? Well it’s always been pretty damn high. Boxing is a sports version of guys beating each other to death. It is also literally guys beating each other to death a lot of the time.

Around 50 years ago, football became America’s favorite sport (alongside baseball), even though it put awful injury carnage on national television. Carnage I refuse to even hyperlink. Since football and boxing both erode human brains, writers and players have linked the two ever since we realized that.

The New York Times

Yahoo! Sports

Today, ESPN is my society’s mainstream sports provider. It’s been that throughout my lifetime. And I remember the hell out of the “Jacked Up” segment ESPN did on their national pre-Monday Night Football telecast EVERY WEEK in the mid-2000s. As this The Classical article recounts, “Jacked Up” was a highlight reel of vicious hits. It had no merits beyond viciousness. The hits were often helmet-to-helmet, or helmet-to-neck, or helmet-to-GoodLordThatGuyIsSomebodysKid.

And ESPN fu-cking loved that brutality. They’d make all their Trusted Experts chant “Jacked! Up!” in time with every replayed hit. Sometimes the hosts performed an imagined inner monologue of the hit’s victim. And if you think the behind-the-scenes crew wasn’t called on to throw some stank on those assaults, you do not remember sports fandom in 2006.

National Football League/ESPN

Since then, we’ve had many hundreds of neurological studies confirming the truth that football wrecks brains. It’s so well known, there’s a Will Smith movie about it. I’ve seen it, because our website bought me & Adam Ganser tickets to see it, because over the past couple years me & Ganz covered the NFL beat for Cracked’s YouTube and Facebook channels.

The movie didn’t change the NFL. But here’s how fast society is changing: Within 11 short years, society decided that guys getting “Jacked! Up!” is bad. Hits are no longer fun. And that change is going to kill football, because hits ARE football. Despite some comically tiny adjustments, football has been Professional Head-Hitting for over 100 years. Within the last decade, we decided The Thing That Happens On Every Football Play causes violent brain injuries, and even the fanciest football helmets don’t help.

That is waaaaaay too fast of a rate of societal change for football to remain a sport. And parents are bailing first: Youth flag football participation is growing as tackle football participation shrinks, and nobody is gonna pay 81 bucks for a ticket to see professionals yank flags off of each other. At that price, fans demand blood. And maybe some extra butt patting.

But unlike the Spaniards who delegated entertainment-pain to bulls, or the Englishmen who delegated entertainment-pain to bears, we delegated our entertainment-pain to fellow citizens. Citizens who damage each other from childhood if they want a shot at (borderline imaginary) NFL millions. And playing pro football pays millions because right now, in this era, we’re good with people’s kids losing their cognitive functions for our fun.

And ya know what? I’m flexible. I’m up for hearing some kind of argument that the value of football outweighs the human toll. Some kind of Shirley Jackson’s “The Lottery”-assed bullshit about how the sport’s positives are worth the Hall Of Famer suicides it may or may not cause.

The only problem with that argument is … every aspect of the NFL.

It’s a borderline criminal enterprise with a legal monopoly on U.S. pro football. The NFL also doesn’t pay taxes, while taking millions in tax dollars from cities to build stadiums that don’t help those cities. They also took money from our national defense budget until they got caught. And then there’s their breast cancer “charity” scam, their atrocious treatment of cheerleaders, their chillaxed attitude about sexual assault that makes even less sense in light of their zero-tolerance policy toward weed, their unwillingness to pay a settlement toward brain-injury victims that one year of beer sponsor money pays for by a mile, and … whatever other crap they pull between when I write this and when it’s published.

And you know what? If none of that’s convinced you to drop the NFL yet, I don’t judge you. Basically all of these awful problems are old problems. Widely reported old problems. And I still watched the sport while knowing that stuff. Hell, almost everybody still watched it. Look at the NFL’s domestic violence problem: football’s TV ratings went up after the Ray Rice scandal in 2014. And their recent ratings dip gets blamed on non-scandal-based football quality and protesting. Outrage over more than a dozen high-profile NFL domestic violence cases happening after the Rice case hasn’t cost the NFL a cent.

I’ve decided to live in our near future. A near future where we don’t keep justifying football human toll. Which means giving up 20+ years of communal Bears fandom. Giving up Super Bowl parties. Giving up the thrill of watching all of a Sunday’s games at once, on several screens, like an evil genius bent on total touchdown awareness.

Giving up football also means losing the main topic of my first published humor writing, losing the valuable team-building fun of our office fantasy football league, and missing the professional football fun I had with Official World’s Most Delightful Human Adam Ganser. I’m an actual fan, with tangible (and livelihood-based!) reasons to stick with football. But the reasons to dump it just goddamn added up.

And lemme promise you something: I am not here to tell you to stop watching football. I’m telling you that the world will convince you to stop supporting football FOR me. In a surprisingly short number of years, liking the NFL will not feel normal. It will not feel default. You’ll find yourself putting active effort toward justifying football if you keep liking it, and that will feel gross and weird.

And I hate to tell you that. I know football means so much to so many people, including many people I love. But I see a future where you’ll do an NFL-y thing, and people will react like you lit a cigarette inside a restaurant. Or butt-patted a service employee. Or plunked down a bet on a dogfight.

And yes, I know at least one of you is reading this and saying “I don’t care.” You’re saying “No social norm can stop me from being the American I have chosen to be.” You’re saying “Being a cultural throwback slash gross weirdo is WHO I AM.” Well you know what I say to you, sir?

I say you’ve made that very clear, Mr. President.

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What Stupid Thing Is Trending Now? (8/27/2017)

What dumb crap is everyone talking about? Well… It seems like a straightforward story. An out of touch celebrity rapper, Joey Bada$$, questioned the need for protective glasses to view the eclipse. He tweeted that he didn’t see the necessity, and that he’d “sungazed” before, and though he “saw colors” for a whole day, he didn’t die. What a fool! Then, he cancelled his tour due to “unforeseen circumstances.” Unforeseen, eh? More like he melted his eyeballs out of his sockets! And people are latching onto the story that he now has to wear “special sunglasses.” The evidence? He instagrammed a photo of himself wearing sunglasses and wrote, “Doc said I gotta keep these on in the daytime now.” Sure, the sunglasses are nothing like one would expect medically prescribed glasses to look, but maybe his doctor is fashion forward! It certainly can’t be that Joey Bada$$ is making a joke, why, look at the other evidence, where he rambles about seeing into the future. Not only is this poor man half mad with sun sickness, he has to wear two pairs of sunglasses now. Clearly this is not a joke, but a serious medical emergency he has brought upon himself by letting his eyes fry like bacon. Except whoops, turns out there’s a photo of responsibly wearing protective eclipse glasses, and no evidence that he actually stared at the eclipse other than his Twitter trolling. Surely though, news outlets will be cautious in their reporting and not jump to any conclusions.

Buckle. Up. Your butts. This story is a euthanasia coaster of twists and turns.

It starts with a man, Phil Stamper, who found it odd that a brand new publisher got an unheard of book to the top of the NYT Bestseller List. He decided to look into it, and found himself tumbling down a rabbit hole of young adult novel scandal.

Handbook for Mortals by Lani Sarem had very little in terms of press upon its release. The publisher, GeekNation, has never before published a book, nor is Lani Sarem a well established writer. Still, that’s not enough to accuse someone of a scam. But Phil Stamper did a little digging, and found that not only was it out of stock on Amazon, but no Barns and Nobles stores in his area offered physical copies of the book, an unusual occurrence for bestsellers.

As it turns out there’s already an IMDB page for an “in development” movie based on this book nobody’s heard of. And guess who’s starring as the main character, “Zade?” That’s right, the author! And who else? Nobody… except some dude named Thomas, who is also starring and producing, but whose name bears no significance. That is, until you find out that he is alleged to be the mystery caller ordering bulk books from stores. Bam. The penny is drop-kicked into orbit. In fact, that penny is now careening towards the cold outreaches of the solar system. Because according to the book sellers, every time this guy called a bulk order of Handbook, he made sure the bookstore reported their sales to the New York Times.

But perhaps despite these alleged shady tactics, the book is actually very good and worthy of its spot on the list, and by now you probably realize I’m being smugly facetious. The excerpts from Handbook for Mortals follow the life of “Zade” and how she’s special and has a music career, and she meets a lot of hot dudes who are just too hot for her taste, because she likes guys of a medium hotness, and she dives into a stage that turns into a pool somehow and… I can’t keep going because I think I can feel the blood vessels in my brain throttling themselves. This Twitter thread dives bravely into the text, venture if you dare.

When people heard the headline, “ESPN removes announcer Robert Lee” because his name sounds like the confederate general, there was a cacophony of people crying “snowflakes,” “stupid offended people,” “PC culture gone awry,” “ESPN is literally Satan incarnate,” etc. Turns out, ESPN knows that the internet is the gross, hair-clogged drain of society, and anticipated that the young announcer would be the target of memes and jokes about his name. “This wasn’t about offending anyone. It was about the reasonable possibility that because of his name he would be subjected to memes and jokes and who knows what else,” said ESPN, also stating that Robert Lee was asked (not forced) and agreed to switch games. He wasn’t fired or shoved into a pit of ravenous “politically correct” hyenas.

But if there is a way to be terrible, the internet will find it. Now, in addition to memes and jokes, people are also attacking ESPN for being “overly sensitive,” the irony of which they wouldn’t notice even if it were a neon lion eating their face. It’s politically-correct-correctness culture gone awry.

There are some wonderful human traits, such as kindness, decency, empathy, and caring about the physical wellbeing of others. Unfortunately that kind of thing doesn’t turn a profit. That’s why the Calgary Airport decided to ditch their accessible parking spots for people with disabilities in favor of branded Lexus spots. Why would they do such a callous thing? For the reason anyone does anything stupid: sex or money. And unless they’re trying to boink Lexus drivers, it’s probably the latter.

Apparently they were planning on making new accessible parking, you know, at some point probably. In the meantime those with disabilities were supposed to just deal with it, I mean how hard could walking be when you have painful joint diseases or paralysis?

Lexus, for their part, say they didn’t know the airport planned to replace accessible parking in favor of their Lexus only campaign. No, their snooty exclusive marketing ploy wasn’t meant to actively trample those with disabilities, just anyone gross enough not to drive a Lexus.

Can you imagine a day in the life of the unfortunate White House aide that had to yell at Trump to get him to stop staring at the sun during the eclipse? Babysitting an angry president with nuclear launch codes has to be the absolute worst gig in the world. Whenever the aide voices his concerns such as, “Please, sir, don’t stick your fork in the toaster,” or, “Sir, no, don’t put that in your mouth,” Trump probably threatens to fire him. Into the sun. That shiny thing he can’t stop from staring at.

I imagine the aide gave him his protective glasses, pleading, “Sir, you must wear these to view the eclipse, it’s very bad to look directly into the sun.” Trump likely shoved him aside, yelling “Glasses are for nerds!” as he stomped outside. Then Trump gazed up into the fiery ball of 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit burning gas and ultraviolet radiation, the smell of cooking bacon mysteriously wafting from his presidential balcony. “Don’t look!” the aide cried out in desperation. Seriously, I’m not joking. Now this poor aide is going to have to deal with a temporarily blinded president ponderously stumbling around the White House while trying to jam his finger into electrical sockets.

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6 Famous People You Admire (Who Are Secretly Terrible)

As Louisa May Alcott, the author of Little Women, once noted, it’s never a good idea to meet your idols. And considering that she was a money-loving drug addict, she probably knew what she was talking about. If there’s some artist, athlete, chef, or whatever who really inspires you, don’t try to find out what they’re really like as people. At best, you’re going to be disappointed. At worst, you might find out something that will really break your heart, like that Bill Nye once broke 88 orphans’ legs during a meth deal gone wrong. Don’t worry, we made that one up, but here are some that are completely real …


The Clintons Used African-American Prison Labor Whilst Living In The Governor’s Mansion

During the 2016 presidential election, the media made sure to keep us constantly aware of every single flaw or inadequacy surrounding Hillary Clinton, from her inexpert handling of emails to her dreadful Ellen dance moves. But there’s one little thing that no one thought to bring up: She, uh, had slaves at one point. Yeah.

Back before the Clintons occupied the White House, they were residents of the governor’s mansion in Arkansas (what with Bill being governor and all). In Hillary’s 1996 book It Takes A Village, she made an offhand remark about how they had employed unpaid prison labor, mainly “African-American men in their thirties,” to help around the house. Don’t worry, this was part of a “longstanding tradition” — which is an excuse that has never, ever been used to justify terrible actions.

How is this even a thing? Well, according to a caveat in the 13th Amendment (the only amendment we fought a war over), Americans can’t be enslaved … except as punishment for a crime. The government tends to avoid the actual word “slavery” to describe this policy, but the Constitution itself doesn’t screw around with semantics:

United States Congress
Cut it out with that “whereof” shit, though. We get it, you’re cultured.

Clinton doesn’t give any indication in the book that she saw this situation (black men being forced to serve rich white politicians) as kinda problematic. Instead she takes the opportunity to discuss how “apprehensive” she was about having scary black criminals in her house, until she learned that they weren’t so scary after all. This would be a heartwarming memoir if it was written in the 1800s, but like we said, this book came out in 1996. That’s 14 years after “Ebony And Ivory” cured racism forever, so there’s really no excuse.

This all makes the Clintons sound less like progressive Democrats and more like one of the less-shitty white characters from 12 Years A Slave. And although the book had been out for 20 years, somehow nobody — not in the media, not even from the Trump opposition research team — made note of this until a random Twitter user posted about it in June 2017. (We would certainly never suggest that Trump read about this and said, “So? What’s wrong with slavery?” That would be cheap of us.)


Michael Jordan Is A Hyper-Competitive Jerk

If you so much as touched a basketball as a kid, you wanted to be like Michael Jordan. He’s one of the biggest childhood role models ever, both in impact and stature. But how much do you know about him, besides the fact that he’s really good at B-ball and once teamed up with Bill Murray to help Bugs Bunny fight aliens? If you said “not much,” that’s probably for the best.

There are plenty of stories of Jordan being a big bald bully. According to an anonymous ex-teammate interviewed by Sports Illustrated, Jordan would scream “You’re a loser! You’ve always been a loser!” at fellow Chicago Bulls player Rodney McCray during training. McCray retired after one season with Jordan. There’s also an unconfirmed rumor that Jordan “ruined” Muggsy Bouges (who’s 5’3”) by calling him a “fucking midget” during a game. He may have inspired people to pick up a basketball, but it seems he also inspired some to drop it.

It’s the same off the court. Rapper Chamillionaire has an anecdote about meeting Jordan at a charity event where he’d just spent $7,000 of his chafortune on an MJ jersey. As Mr. Riding Dirty himself recounted in a video, after asking Jordan if they could take a photo together, Jordan barked, “I ain’t taking pictures with no niggas.” Someone else tried to defuse the situation by explaining who Chamillionaire was, but Jordan reportedly replied, “I don’t give a fuck.” Jordan then reconsidered, offering to take the photo … for $15,000.

OK, but maybe he was having a bad day? Uh, in 2009, when Jordan was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame and the whole sport got together to honor him, he gave what might be the pettiest “Thank you” speech ever recorded. He spent 20 minutes ripping on people who crossed him since the beginning of his career — all the way back to high school. He even flew in a high school teammate, Leroy Smith, to humiliate him because their coach picked Smith and not him for the sophomore team.

“Just kidding, man. Come up here and present the multi-million-dollar shoe line with your name. Oh wait.”


Legendary Physicist Richard P. Feynman Dabbled In Pick-Up Artistry

Before Carl Sagan and Neil DeGrasse Tyson, the pop star of science was Nobel-Prize-winning physicist Richard P. Feynman. He was a nerd, but he was also cool, splitting his time between discovering the secrets of the Universe and playing the bongos.

Feynman was also a real hit with the ladies. Unfortunately, that didn’t mean that he had a high opinion of women. During his tenure as a professor at Caltech, he made so many sexist jokes in his lectures that he triggered campus protests against him and inspired a nickname, “Richard ‘P for Pig’ Feynman.” And this was the 1950s, when sexist jokes were basically background noise for most people.

His sex life was no less uncomfortable. In his autobiography, Surely You’re Joking, Mr. Feynman!, he gleefully lays out his escapades, including all the techniques he learned from an early form of what’s now dubiously referred to as “pick-up artistry.” That’s right, Feynman was an early 20th century version of the asshole who hangs out in bars and tries to hit on women by insulting — sorry, “negging” — them. As he describes in the book, he took on a mentor who taught him this:

Later, Feynman recounts an anecdote about the first time he applied these, uh, teachings. After a session at the bar, he took a walk with a girl whom he’d befriended, who suggested they buy some coffee and sandwiches and then go back to her place. Score! But that’s when Feynman broke the cardinal rule — he paid for the coffee and sandwiches himself. Worse than that, he’d bought enough food for three people, which was a big red flag. Sure enough, she then told him that another friend was going to be joining them. Female treachery! The Master was right!

So Feynman “recovered” the best way he knew how:

Now, we don’t know which dictionary Feynman was using, but we’re reasonably sure that “soliciting money to not have sex” is kind of the opposite of a whore. In any case, Feynman claims that he still boned her later. And probably her supermodel friend. No wait, they were twins. Yep.


David Foster Wallace Was A Really Creepy Stalker

We’re loathe to go after David Foster Wallace, the guy who wrote possibly the greatest commencement speech in the history of higher education. He was awesome, his life was tragic, and digging for skeletons in his closet is like looking for a pile of dead hobos in Mr. Rogers’ basement. But in any case, it must be said that Wallace had … kind of some issues with women.

A biography by D.T. Max reveals that Wallace, the patron saint of literature, was a relentless bully to his younger sister growing up. We’re not talking about calling her names or defacing her Barbies; he punched her so hard that he knocked her teeth out, and then dragged her limp body through “the excrement left by their dog.” Ah, boys will be boys, right?

Max goes on to detail the creepy and outright abusive relationship that he had with his future girlfriend, poet Mary Karr. According to Max’s biography, Wallace’s courtship of Karr was less Nicholas Sparks and more Fatal Attraction. Karr was married with a child when they met and knocked back his advances, but Wallace wouldn’t have it. His attempts to woo her included showing up at her house and workplace unannounced, lying to their mutual friends about them having an affair, and turning up at a party he wasn’t invited to with a new shoulder tattoo of Karr’s name and a heart. His approach to romance was essentially Sideshow Bob stalking Bart.

Somehow, Wallace and Karr did start having an affair, but his creepiness didn’t end there. At one point, according to Max, Wallace became so frustrated with Karr’s reluctance to divorce her husband that he called an ex-con about buying a gun so he could kill him.

Even after this affair ended (thankfully without anyone getting murdered), Wallace remained a sex fiend for the rest of his life. He boned his female students, he boned the women in his drug recovery sessions, and he boned the “audience pussy,” as he privately described the fans of his work. Reportedly, he once told fellow novelist Jonathan Franzen that he felt his life’s purpose was to “to put [his] penis in as many vaginas as possible.” To us, he’ll probably always be that cool writer guy who once made a really relatable life metaphor about fish.


Lou Reed Was A Violent, Racist, Woman-Beating Prick

Nobody really expects rock musicians to be nice people. The Velvet Underground frontman Lou Reed, however, was more than an asshole. According to a recent biography written by Howard Sounes, he was some kind of monster.

Sounes doesn’t use the word lightly. After Reed’s death in 2013, Sounes, who was a huge fan, set out to write a glowing biography, for which he interviewed more than 140 people — and every single one of those interviews broke off another little piece of Sounes’ heart. Though he wanted to be as kind as possible to his musical hero, Sounes was forced “to go where the story goes.” And here’s where the story went: Reed was apparently a violent, racist, misogynistic piece of shit. It’s known that he once told a journalist, “I don’t like niggers like Donna Summer” (and that should have been kind of a red flag right there), but according to those who knew him, he wore his racism on his sleeve. At one point, he referred to Bob Dylan as a “pretentious kike.” Yes, the guy who once released an hour of guitar feedback called someone else “pretentious.”

Reed’s relationships with women were more violent than a mosh pit. His ex-wife Bettye Kronstad told Sounes that Reed would occasionally get mad and pin her against a wall, shake her, hit her, and “then one time he actually gave me a black eye.” She wasn’t the only one. According to one of his childhood friends, Reed would often beat his girlfriends in public when they said something that displeased him. When the wife of the (presumably former) friend said something about it, Reed started hitting her too. Because Reed was an equal opportunity misogynist.

When Sounes approached filmmaker Paul Morrissey for an interview, Morrissey suggested for the book that “You need a good title like The Hateful Bitch [or] The Worst Person Who Ever Lived. Something that says this isn’t a biography of a great human being, because he was not … He was a stupid, disgusting, awful human being.” As Sounes recounted, “The word that kept coming up was prick. Girlfriends called him a prick, people he was at school with called him a prick; people in his band called him a prick.”

But man, wasn’t White Light / White Heat a great album?


Roald Dahl Kind Of Tried To Justify The Holocaust

Roald Dahl introduced generations of kids to the magic of reading through his whimsical fantasies about chocolate factories, friendly giants, and unsettlingly large fruit. Thankfully, one theme he never snuck into our prepubescent brains was his opinions about Jews. At least, not that we’re aware of. (Maybe those pointy noses in The Witches are more offensive than we thought?)

We’ve discussed already how Charlie And The Chocolate Factory is low-key racist — in the original version, the Oompa-Loompas weren’t orange dwarves, but a slave workforce of African pygmies. Well, racism is a bit like cockroach poop: When you see a little bit of it, too often you can look behind the fridge and find an infestation.

First off, according to a recent biography, Dahl was a deeply unpleasant man to begin with. He carried on several affairs behind his wife’s back, was rude to everyone he met, and (much like Dr. Seuss) didn’t care much for children. Dahl didn’t write exclusively for kids, but when he did, he pretty much only did it for the paycheck as, like he told another author at a party, you can much write anything and “The little bastards’d swallow it.”

More concerning, though, were his thoughts on Jews. In a review of a book about the 1982 invasion of Lebanon by Israel, Dahl said this was the moment “we all started hating the Israelis,” and questioned, “Must Israel, like Germany, be brought to her knees before she learns how to behave in this world?” Before you point out that criticism of Israel isn’t inherently antisemitic, know that Dahl doubled down when he was questioned about his comments, helpfully clarifying that his animosity was, indeed, targeted specifically at Jews:

“It’s not like he was Hitler or something.”

This is the point in any interview where you really need to decide to stop talking. But Dahl went on to elaborate how he thought the Jews kind of had the whole Holocaust thing coming because, according to his version of history, it never occurred to them to fight back. “I mean, if you and I were in a line moving towards what we knew were gas chambers, I’d rather have a go at taking one of the guards with me; but [the Jews] were always submissive.”

But is all this enough to really label Roald Dahl an antisemite? Well, there’s also the interview he gave a few months before his death in which he literally described himself as “anti-Semitic.” There’s, you know, that.

S. Peter Davis is the creator of the Three Minute Philosophy YouTube series, and is the author of the book Occam’s Nightmare.

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Norman Foster

I keep hearing on road Cassandra called Crystal de otha day spreading rumors about My man  Lewis, saying how he’s telling everyone Thiago is his son and has already gone round  de hostel fe …


Batman v Superman R-rated edition heading to Blu-ray

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will get itself a gritty, violent, R-rated alternate version – at least, on Blu-ray.

The film’s theatrical release carries a standard PG-13 rating. But in its latest bulletin, the MPAA (America’s de facto censor board) revealed that a home ent version of Zack Snyder’s superhero battle movie – entitled Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Ultimate Edition – has been rated R.


Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice

Before you think this involves Clark Kent exposing his man of steel, it’s been given the rating for “sequences of violence”. This makes sense, given what we’ve heard from Snyder and his team. The director told us he is a “fanatic” admirer of Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns comic series, which took Bats into an extremely dark and brooding place.

The alternate edition may also in part be down to Deadpool’s record-breaking success at the box-office, which has left many studio executives stroking their chins and pondering a new strategy. The received wisdom for tentpole blockbusters had been to aim for a PG-13 rating, which would ensure the widest possible audience.

An R-rating – which requires under-17s to be accompanied by an adult – has long been seen as financially prohibitive. But the emphatically R-rated Deadpool has surprised everyone by earning half a billion dollars worldwide in less than two weeks, and subsequently thrown the superhero rulebook out of the super-window.

What the “Ultimate Edition” of DC’s big blockbuster bust-up will look like remains to be seen. But given the theatrical version has a running time of 2 hours, 31 minutes, the R-rated edition could be broaching the three-hour mark.

In any case, we’ll see what the PG-13 looks like on March 25, when Batman v Superman is released.

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What’s a GrammyCam?” you ask? Let us enlighten you. The GrammyCam is a device in the base of the Grammy trophy itself that will be live-streaming audio and video footage throughout tonight’s telecast, leaving Grammys coverage literally in the hands of whoever is on stage. Yes, that’s right, this year you’ll be able to experience the Grammys from the POV of those small gold gramophones handed out to winning artists.

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AWARDS SHOWS ARE usually too polished and stiff to really have spontaneity. Unless Jennifer Lawrence is involved, there’s rarely room for surprises. But this year the folks at the Grammys have decided to welcome just a little bit of chaos into the proceedings—courtesy of the GrammyCam.

“What’s a GrammyCam?” you ask? Let us enlighten you. The GrammyCam is a device in the base of the Grammy trophy itself that will be live-streaming audio and video footage throughout tonight’s telecast, leaving Grammys coverage literally in the hands of whoever is on stage. Yes, that’s right, this year you’ll be able to experience the Grammys from the POV of those small gold gramophones handed out to winning artists.

And aside from the fact that you could know how it feels to be held in the hands of Taylor Swift or Kendrick Lamar, the GrammyCam also has the potential to deliver Internet gold. Just imagine all of the meme-able footage this will bring to the Grammys: backstage banter, lip sync battles and dance-offs, the unfortunate angles of famous people’s faces. All these are possible thanks to the GrammyCam.

“With the simplest idea of placing a camera at the base of the Grammy Award itself, we were immediately hyped about the possibility of offering fans the ultimate point of view,” says Grammy Awards CMO Evan Greene. “The evolution of social media into Snapchat and Periscope proves that people want that first-person experience. This was a natural progression of our focus on fan engagement.”

If nothing else, the Grammys should be applauded for their bravery. A live feed is a dangerous thing in the hands of celebrities. Remember Elisabeth Moss on E!’s Mani Cam?

image.gifUnlike the Mani Cam, though, the GrammyCam really does feel like it’s about inviting fans into the moment, rather than just finding a new way to ask “What are you wearing?!” It’s impossible to say what those moments are going to look like (one-man media circus Kanye West will be there, after all), but they’ll be compelling to watch nonetheless.

Check out the behind-the-scenes video above to see how Grammy craftsmen and made the GoPro-camera-equipped trophy possible.

Brought to you by: ActNet

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Twitter YouTube Timeline

Twitter YouTube Timeline.

Project Name: T & M Solicitors


Ideally we need to cast talent from the Northeast as there is only a limited amount available for expenses. Casting from headshots and showreels.

Project Name: T & M Solicitors
Project Type: Commercial
Rate/Compensation: £250 All in Fee

Role Role Type Gender/Age/Ethnicities Casting Locations
Teenager Principal Male or Female/14 to 16/Caucasian


Ideally we need to cast talent from the Northeast as there is only a limited amount available for expenses. We need a Family – a ‘working family’ A mum, Dad and teenager (not little’un) Caucasian Teenager – Maybe is 16, but could play 14… A real family would of course be easier, but may be impossible…
They are non speaking.

Mum & Dad Principal Male or Female / 35 to 45 / Caucasian

Ideally we need to cast talent from the Northeast as there is only a limited amount available for expenses. We need a Family – a ‘working family’ A mum, Dad and teenager (not little’un) Caucasian Mum – Good shape, attractive, 35-45 Dad – Good shape attractive, 35-45 A real family would of course be easier, but may be impossible…
They are non speaking

Film Television Adverts Music & Entertainment

The Film, Television Adverts, Music & Entertainment Web Portal for Creative People

How we approach teaching in the Screen/Stage acting department

The best way to sum up the ethos of the Acting Department is to call it a “rainbow” approach, in that we give you a little bit of everything, from every reputable school of thought. That’s why you’ll find that our teachers cover everything from Method Acting and Stanislavski to Meisner and Augusto Boal, as well as using their own experience to illuminate a technique.

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Talent Or Ambition: Which Way To Success.

Talent – Ambition, Which way is best?

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Call it serendipity! Yes, because I stumbled upon this while searching for something totally unrelated, and guess what? It has been of immense value, so I decided to share… As usual. *winks*

Well, it goes thus:

One of the most inspiring lines in cinema history had to be “My ambition far exceeds my talents,” said by Johnny Depp’s character George Chung.

Ambition is the most important tool to achieving success,
overriding both talent and resources by far.

An ambitious attitude can lead anyone to triumph and
satisfaction, regardless of what is put in front of them.
To have the will, the dream and the courage to be on top of the world will get you a lot farther in life than any skill you can possibly possess.

Having talent means nothing if you have no ambition behind it to work your ass of at any given point of the

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When Agents Wave the Red Flag

Getting An Agent – ‘No Comment’!!!

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The Daily Dahlia

It’s been almost a full year now since I signed with my agent, but the thing about querying is, if you did it for long enough, I’m not sure you ever forget what it was like.

Me? I did it on and off for four years.

I got something like ten rejections on my first ms before I stopped (not that I’d normally advise giving up after that low a number, it’s just that it was far more of a “market timing” thing – NA! – than anything else), fifty before shelving the second one (what, until my most recent ms, was “the book of my heart”), and then was very lucky to find my agent through The Writer’s Voice contest with my third, for which I only sent about five queries.

That adds up to a whole lotta two things: 1) Research 2) Rejections

When I queried the first…

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