Eugenicist And Coronavirus Patents Bill Gates + His Mum and Dad – Founders of Eugenics Worldwide

Coronavirus Spreading by Mr Gates Family who we’re responsible for creating NAACP For Blacks to get Sterilisation in the early days.

Bill’s Mum was a founding Eugenicist member of what’s call Eugenics. Check out what it stands for?

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Bill Gates funded the PIRBRIGHT institute, which owns the patent on coronavirus. Believe it or not, the coronavirus strain that’s currently spreading throughout China and abroad is a patented virus that’s owned by an entity called The Pirbright Institute, which is partially funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The patent page for coronavirus explains that it “may be used as a vaccine for treating and/or preventing a disease, such as infectious bronchitis, in a subject,” suggesting that this is just another weaponized viral strain designed to sell more useless, deadly vaccines, while at the same time killing off a few thousand, or perhaps a few million, people. A close look at the patent page also shows that the Pirbright Institute owns all sorts of other virus patents, including one for African swine fever virus, which is listed as a “vaccine.” It is thus no surprise that Bill Gates is a Pirbright Institute financial backer, seeing as how he’s one of the most aggressive, vaccine-pushing “philanthropists” on the planet. If you remember his agenda of depopulation of millions of people then you'll understand what's going on. This was a plot of making sure that it reaches all countries in taking mass numbers of civilians out and mainly those who have no health such as the homeless in the streets and under the bridges. Wakeup!

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Barcelona terror attack van driver still on the loose, Spanish authorities say

Spanish authorities announced Saturday that the suspected driver of the van that rammed into a crowd of pedestrians in Barcelona Thursday — killing at least 14 people — remains on the loose.

Authorities believe Younes Abouyaaqoub, 22, a Moroccan native, was believed to still be at large and was the driver of the van that carried out the vehicle attack in a Barcelona street filled with tourists and shoppers. They also believe the suspect was part of a radicalized terrorist cell that may have been headed by a missing imam.

Authorities said they shifted their focus to Moroccan imam Abdelbaki Es Satty, whom they believe died on the eve of the Barcelona attack.

Spanish Interior Minister Juan Ignacio Zoido has declared that the cell was effectively broken after five members were killed, four were in detention and as many as two were killed in a previous explosion. He said there was no new imminent threat of an attack.

The manhunt spanned Spain and southern France, with Spanish police searching nine homes in the northeastern town of Ripoll, where most of the suspects lived, and two buses in northwest Catalonia. Across the Pyrenees, French police carried out extra border checks on people coming from Spain.


Police also announced a series of controlled explosions Saturday in the town of Alcanar, south of Barcelona, where the carnage had been planned in a rental house destroyed a day before the attacks by an apparently accidental blast. Authorities had initially written off the Wednesday night incident as a household gas accident, but took another look on Friday and returned on Saturday. 

Police initially believed only one person was killed in the blast but said on Saturday that tests were underway to determine if human remains found at the house on Friday were from a second victim.

Police searched Es Satty’s home on Friday, but the imam was not there. The president of the mosque where he preached, Ali Yassine, said he has not seen him since June, when he had announced that he was returning to Morocco for three months.

In the attacks that began Thursday afternoon, a white van swerved onto Barcelona’s historic Las Ramblas pedestrian promenade, killing 14 people, including one American citizen, and injuring more than 100 as it plowed down unsuspecting tourists and locals. A few hours later, five extremists began mowing down people along the boardwalk in the seaside resort of Cambrils. 

One woman died and five others were injured before police shot and killed all five attackers. One Spanish officer killed four of the suspects himself.

Authorities said the two attacks were related and the work of a large terrorist cell that had been plotting for a long time.


The Islamic State claimed responsibility for the Barcelona attack and said the perpetrators were soldiers of the Islamic State, the terrorist organizations propaganda agency said. On Saturday, ISIS released a new statement also claiming responsibility for the attack in Cambrils.

Spanish authorities had not yet drawn any direct links between ISIS extremists and the suspects in the Spanish attacks.

Police announced that four people were currently in custody and three suspects, including Abouyaaquoub, are on the loose. All the suspects hail from Ripoll, a quiet, upscale town of 10,000 about 100 kilometers (62 miles) north of Barcelona.  

A French security official also confirmed Spanish police are looking for a Kangoo utility vehicle rented by suspects in the Barcelona attacks that may have crossed into France.

Spanish hospital officials updated the status of the injured victims of the Barcelona and Cambrils terror attacks Saturday, saying 12 people from the Barcelona attack remain in critical condition while one person remains in serious condition from the Cambrils attack. The rest of the injuries are slightly less serious. King Felipe and Queen Leticia traveled to Barcelona’s hospital to visit the injured victims of the attack.

Spanish authorities confirmed they are maintaining the countrys current terrorist threat alert at level 4. 

Europol, the European Unions law enforcement agency, said on Saturday that they were investigating if Fridays knife attack in Finland that left two people dead and seven others wounded had any ties to the deadly vehicle attacks in Spain. 

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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US Navy says most 7th Fleet warships lacked proper certification

The majority of ships operating in the U.S. Navy’s Seventh Fleet, where two destroyers have been involved in fatal collisions since June, weren’t certified to conduct basic operations at sea related to war-fighting, according to U.S. Navy records.

As of late June, eight of the 11 cruisers and destroyers in the Seventh Fleet, and their crew members, weren’t certified by the U.S. Navy to conduct “mobility seamanship,” or basic steering of the ship, according to U.S. Navy records provided to two House Armed Services subcommittees.

The Navy also said that seven of those ships had expired training certification in the areas of cruise missile defense and surface warfare, which test a crew’s ability to defend a ship or to conduct attacks.

The USS Fitzgerald collided with a Philippine-flagged vessel on June 17, killing seven crew members. The USS John McCain collided with a Liberian-flagged vessel Aug. 21, killing 10 sailors. Neither the Fitzgerald nor the McCain were certified for the majority of the mission operation requirements that the Navy periodically evaluates.

The Seventh Fleet’s destroyers and cruisers generally met certification in other areas such as maintenance, communications, navigation, explosive safely and search and rescue.

It is unclear what role the lack of proper certification played in the collisions, and Pentagon investigations are under way both into the collisions and into larger questions of naval operations.

But the certification reports suggest that the U.S. Navy may have knowingly sent ships to sea that weren’t fully certified for the missions they were conducting, said Bryan Clark, a senior fellow at the Washington-based Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments.

“This appears to be endemic of a systemic problem,” Mr. Clark said. The Seventh Fleet destroyers and cruisers “may not have had sufficient practice to do the difficult transits they were doing,” given the crowded waters they operate in.

Adm. Bill Moran, the vice chief of naval operations, and Rear Adm. Ronald Boxall, the Navy’s director of surface warfare, are scheduled to appear before two House Armed Services subcommittees Thursday on the collision of the USS Fitzgerald and USS John McCain. Lawmakers received the records earlier this week, ahead of Thursday’s joint hearing.

Also testifying will be John Pendleton, who has written extensively about the U.S. Navy for the Government Accountability Office, including in a series of reports that warned about overworked sailors and shortened training schedules.

After a ship has undergone maintenance, the U.S. Navy periodically conducts monthslong tests of its sailors on their ships to ensure they can properly maneuver the ship and conduct military operations.

The U.S. Navy has acknowledged cutting back on certification procedures in the face of growing demand, according to past GAO reports.

The Navy repeatedly has said that increased demand on the Seventh Fleet has resulted in cutbacks on training and certifications. That pressure has only increased in recent months with each North Korean missile or weapons test, as the fleet conducts more exercises and patrols with the same number of ships.

Navy Cmdr. Bill Speaks declined to comment on the certification records, but said the review of naval operations begun after the two fatal collisions would encompass training, professional development and operational certifications.

“It is the Navy’s responsibility to ensure that all of our sailors receive the skills they need to perform their jobs at sea safely and effectively, and we take that responsibility very seriously,” he said.

In the last two years, the cuts in certification testing appear to have only increased, based on reports provided to lawmakers. The GAO found that roughly 7% of cruisers and destroyers had expired certification in 2015. The latest figures show that figure has since jumped to 37%.

On Aug. 24, Adm. Moran drafted a memo ordering a comprehensive review of naval operations, including “gaps between required [certifications] standards and actual employment practices.” In that memo, Adm. Moran called the collisions a “disturbing trend of mishaps.”

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Barcelona attack suspect admits ‘bigger attack’ was planned, Spanish official says

One of the four alleged members of the extremist cell arrested after a pair of deadly Spanish terror attacks last week appeared before a judge in Spain’s National Court on Tuesday — and admitted there was a “bigger attack” on the city’s monuments being planned, officials said. 

The four men, believed to be the only members left alive of the extremist cell, were moved from Barcelona to Madrid to attend the closed-door hearing early Tuesday. The prosecutor urged the suspects, identified by Spanish media as Driss Oukabir, Mohammed Aalla, Salh el Karib and Mohamed Houli Chemlal, be held without bail. 

Chemlal was the first to testify, and he said there was a bigger attack planned following the Barcelona and Cambrils vehicle assaults that left 15 dead and more than 120 wounded, a Spanish judicial official told The Associated Press. A National Court spokesman said Chemlal’s testimony before Judge Fernando Andreu lasted more than an hour, where he also said the imam planned to blow himself up when they detonated explosives on Barcelona monuments. 


Only one of the four suspects acknowledged being part of the cell. Two of the four suspects identified the imam, who was killed in a blast the day before the attacks, as the ring leader of the extremist cell. 

Oukabir, the second Barcelona attack suspect to testify, denied any involvement with the extremist cell despite his brother being one of the five radicals shot dead by police in Cambrils. He admitted he rented the vans used in the assaults, but said he thought they would be used for a house move. 

The judge is set to decide whether the four suspects will remain in jail or be released. 

A spokeswoman for prosecutors said Tuesday the four suspects would be interrogated in the presence of lawyers provided by the court throughout the day. Speaking anonymously in line with court rules, she said the testimony would be in Spanish without interpreters.


Three of the alleged terror cell members were arrested last Thursday and Friday in the northern Catalan town of Ripoll. Chemlal was arrested after he was injured during an accidental house explosion in Alcanar, a home officials believe was a bomb-making workshop.

Authorities believe all 12 members of the extremist cell responsible for coordinating the deadly attacks, including a former imam, were either dead or under arrest. Younes Abouyaaqoub, who Spanish police identified as the driver of the van in the Barcelona assault and the final member of the cell, was shot dead Monday. Police said Abouyaaquob appeared to be wearing an explosive belt. 

Five other members of the group were shot dead during the Cambril vehicle attack. Two other members, including the imam, died during the Alcanar house explosion the night before Thursday’s assault. 

The Associated Press contributed to this report. 

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US Navy dismisses 7th Fleet commander after deadly mishaps

The U.S. Navy has dismissed the commander of its 7th Fleet from duty after the fleet suffered its second deadly mishap in less than three months.

The Navy cited a loss of confidence in Vice Adm. Joseph Aucoin’s ability to command, the Associated Press reported.

 News that the decision was imminent was first reported by the Wall Street Journal.

The 7th Fleet has been involved in three collisions since January, the last two of which have resulted in the deaths of 17 sailors.

In the latest mishap, the USS John S. McCain collided with an oil tanker before dawn Monday near Singapore. Ten sailors were reported missing, but officials confirmed Tuesday that Navy divers had found the remains of some sailors in a flooded compartment. 

In June, seven sailors died when the USS Fitzgerald and a container ship collided in waters off Japan.

In January, the USS Antietam guided missile cruiser ran aground near Yokosuka base, the home port of the 7th Fleet, and in May another cruiser, the USS Lake Champlain from the Navy’s 3rd Fleet, had a minor collision with a South Korean fishing boat.

U.S. Pacific Fleet Commander Adm. Scott Swift told a news conference Tuesday that each of the incidents was “unique,” but added that “they cannot be viewed in isolation.”

Swift added the Navy would conduct an investigation “to find out if there is a common cause … and if so, how do we solve that.”

Navy Adm. John Richardson, the chief of naval operations, on Monday ordered a pause in 7th Fleet operations for the next few days to allow commanders to get together with leaders, sailors and command officials and identify any immediate steps that need to be taken to ensure safety.

A broader U.S. Navy review will look at the 7th Fleet’s performance, including personnel, navigation capabilities, maintenance, equipment, surface warfare training, munitions, certifications and how sailors move through their careers. Richardson said the review will be conducted with the help of the Navy’s office of the inspector general, the safety center and private companies that make equipment used by sailors.

Fox News’ Lucas Tomlinson and the Associated Press contributed to this report.

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New Type Of Polio Vaccine Created By Hijacking Plant Cells

                                In a bid to produce effective vaccines on a large scale and at low cost, scientists have managed to <a href="">hijack the cells of plants</a> to produce completely safe virus mimics that can then protect humans from the disease.

The research, carried out at the John Innes Centre, Norwich, has been used to create a novel type of vaccine that they hope will help to globally eradicate polio. It uses what are called “virus-like particles”, which are non-pathogenic mimics of the virus that, while not causing the disease, are similar enough to stimulate the immune system to produce the correct antibodies.

Published in the journal Nature Communications, the work describes how they have been able to insert genes into the plant tissues that code for a protein that mimics the shell of the polio virus, but contains none of the viral DNA. This makes the vaccine completely non-infectious, mimicking the behavior of the virus but not actually causing the disease and eliminating any chance it might replicate.

There are currently two types of vaccines that are used to combat polio, an inactivated type and an attenuated or “live” type. The latter is the oral form mainly used in the developing world as it is cheaper to produce, and while the prevalence of the virus has been reduced by 99 percent globally, the use of the attenuated virus basically maintains a small amount of the polio virus in the global population and prevents it being eradicated 100 percent.

Because of this, the World Health Organization wants to shift the production of vaccines towards creating the inactivated type, and so are seeking ways of doing so at reduced cost.

Not only that, but by showing that these polio virus mimics can be successfully grown in plants, it is hoped that the technology could then be applied to other vaccines such as Ebola or Zika.

“The beauty of this system of growing non-pathogenic virus mimics in plants, is that it boosts our ability to scale-up the production of vaccine candidates to combat emerging threats to human health,” said Professor George Lomonossoff, in a statement.

This will hopefully mean that researchers will be able to produce large volumes of virus-like particles for use in vaccines, while at the same time eliminating the chance that there may be some accidental reintroductions of the actual virus into the global population.
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10 People Share Stories of the Best Accidental Nudity They’ve Seen

Sometimes everything lines up just perfectly…

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3 Ultra Specific Rules Hollywood Has About Incest Plots

I have no idea who keeps writing about fictional characters wanting to bone their blood relatives but, as a person with a large extended family, I can only assume they are an only child, an orphan, or very potentially both. Also: someone in dire need of professional help. However, I will acknowledge that not everyone had to have Christmas dinner at my house and thus might not my share my personal hang-ups and gross-outs, so as long as a story about incest is written well and treated seriously, then I don’t really mind it. The problem is, Hollywood tends to handle the topic of putting the “kin” in kinky in amazingly bizarre ways. For example…

Movies and TV Shows Have Switched From Portraying Villains As Gay To Making Them Incestuous

The beauty of modern villains is that the really well-written ones are essentially, well, us. Neeson’s Ra’s al Ghul or Ian McKellen’s Magneto are, at their core, regular people who became broken, and that’s what makes them so scary: this knowledge that if we experienced what they had, we might also succumb to the same kind of darkness. But that’s not how movie villains used to work. In the past, they were all about creeping us out with their otherness, but instead of getting creative with it and having them, say, wear shoes on their heads or go around shoving eggs into chickens, movies tended to simply make old-timey villains gay. From Joel Cairo in The Maltese Falcon to Bruno Anthony in Strangers on a Train, Hollywood has a long tradition of trying to make audiences uncomfortable via displays of non-mainstream sexuality. Today, they continue that tradition with villains who want to put their members inside their family members, like Top Dollar, the psychopathic mob boss from The Crow, who was banging his half-sister Myca. The sadistic warrior Finn from Snow White and the Huntsman never got that far, but he obviously lusted over his sis Queen Ravenna. Even Tony Montana from Scarface so obviously had a thing for his sister (the “thing” being his penis) that he ended up murdering his best friend after he got to hit that before he could (“that” being his sister’s non-penis.) But it’s not just that some modern villains want to bang their siblings. It’s that villains who in the past would totally be gay have now switched to being into incest. Pick a well-groomed, slightly effeminate villain from a recent movie or TV show, and chances are his creepiness will be built upon the raging erection he has for his family. Commodus from Gladiator, for example, is deliberately meant to be the antithesis of Maximums. Whereas Maximus is tall and manly, Commodus is small and kind of lanky, and if the movie was made a few decades before, you bet he’d be shown banging his male servants to accentuate just how “twisted” he is. But because the movie is fairly recent, he instead wanted to LXIX his sister, despite the historical Commodus sentencing his sister to death after she tried to have him assassinated. Suck it, history. We won’t let a simple thing like actual facts stand in the way of a mediocre incest storyline.

Woo-jin, the villain from Oldboy, is similarly skinny, smartly-dressed, and doesn’t fight his own battles. But unlike Commodus, he actually succeeded in having sex with his sister. So, score for him? I’m not sure how the points system works for succeeding in something so awful. GOOOOAL, I guess. Someone, please help.

And how could we forget the Mount Rushmore of Fictional Family Humping: Game of Thrones. There are way too many bad guys there with autumn fetishes (because they like to pump kin), so let’s focus on the prissy and effeminate Viserys Targaryen. Not only does he not see anything weird about brothers sleeping with sisters, he’s actually the product of generations of inbreeding. Interestingly, he’s also the spitting image of Prince Nuada Silverlance from Hellboy II, who also wanted to get with his sister.

The trope is sometimes played for laughs like with the Van Waldenberg siblings from Blades of Glory, or the McPoyles in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, all of whom liked to exchange saliva that contained at least 50% of their own DNA. And you might have noticed that these examples of cinematic incest are all between brothers and sisters. That’s because …

Sibling Incest Is Hilarious, While Parental Incest Is Instant Trauma

We mostly make fun of stuff that we’ve accepted to be inevitable or, in the grand scheme of things, somewhat acceptable. Death, violence, the fact Julianne Moore will never agree to have dinner with me. All of those things are horrible and they might make you doubt the existence of a loving God, but the very fact people are joking about them means we’ve sort of come to terms with them and may even learn to live in a world where those things happen. However, I sincerely hope that sibling incest is an exception to this rule, despite how often it’s joked about in movies and TV shows.

Friends, for example, had two sibling incest jokes: One where Rachel dates a guy who is uncomfortably, ickily close with his sister (the joke would later be repeated almost verbatim on Gilmore Girls), and the famous Ross-Monica kiss, which was played 100% for laughs. Haha, that was a good one. If Friends ever gets a Season 11, I look forward to the episodes “The One Where Ross Wakes Up Screaming” and “The One Where Fuck, I Can’t Get It Out Of My Fucking Head, Kill Me, Please, It’s The Only Way, Joey.”

There were also two sibling incest jokes on American Dad where Steve a) passionately kissed his sister after being tricked into believing he was adopted, and b) unknowingly masturbated repeatedly to his sister’s nude portrait. Then in Joe Dirt, the main character joked that he pretended the girl he was sleeping with was his sister, but it was less of a “haha” joke and more of a “haha, I’m laughing which totally means I didn’t really do it haha please believe me” joke.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia also had an incest joke about one of the characters thinking he accidentally made a nephson with his sister, which is fitting considering that the show takes place in the city of brotherly love. Likewise, Married… with Children, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Firefly have dealt with heavier subject matters before so it wasn’t that big of a shock when they had a laugh about siblings possibly being in Lannister with each other.

However, the incest jokes almost always boiled down to “Isn’t it hilarious to imagine these people actually being into/IN their family members … you know, because they’re really not. We’re normal! Of course WE don’t fantasize about this stuff! There’s no need to check our browsing histories. Haha!” Even when siblings engage in a passionate tongue battle like in EuroTrip, it’s still played for laughs because no actual sex is involved, as if Frenching your sister instead of straight-up boning her made baby Jesus weep less. This holds true even with notoriously unfunny shows like Game of Thrones where purposeful, full-penetration incest is the source of drama, but ACCIDENTAL, second base incest is just a wacky, comedic mishap, no different than slipping on a banana peel and landing hand-first on your sister’s boob.

In Hollywood, any joke about two consenting adults is fair game, even if those adults are siblings and the joke is that they almost got some non-strange strange. That’s why parental incest is almost never joked about because there can never be true “consent” between a parent and child. A parent and child share an unfair dynamic where one exerts immense influence over the other, so even an adult child could never really “agree” to having sex with their parent. And now having written that, I’m going to take a shower to wash the shame away. Be right back.

Alright, so, stuff like that is why parental incest is almost always a serious matter, like in Chinatown, a movie that is almost a perfect anti-comedy. Or look at Family Guy. It’s made tons of jokes about the brother-sister duo of Chris and Meg practicing kissing or taking baths together, but the punchline to their first joke about Chris sleeping with his mother was the family’s dog Brian banging a table in shame and screaming: “It’s wrong!” No joke there. Just horrible trauma for everyone involved … The kind of trauma that actually drove the badass Jimmy Darmody on Boardwalk Empire to run off and enlist for World War I after his mother seduced him. And, of course, it had to be her doing the seducing because:

Women In Movies And TV Shows Are WAY TOO RELAXED About Incest

Let’s talk about virtual incest. No, not the reason your creepy college roommate with the hot cousin bought himself an Oculus Rift. I’m talking about the peculiarly popular joke in Hollywood involving movie and TV characters doing it with their parents’ look-alikes. It happens way more often than you think. House, Frasier, The Drew Carey Show: all of them featured episodes where the main (male) characters romanced spitting images of their mothers. The spitting part came up when the incestuous penny dropped and they finally realized what/who they were doing, which naturally grossed them out. But when you put a woman in that exact same situation? Then suddenly it’s not really a big deal.

On an episode of American Dad, the family’s daughter Haley starts to date her father’s CIA body-double, who looks, acts, and talks exactly like him. And unlike with the previous shows I mentioned, she is totally aware of it. She just … doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with having her own fatherly doppelbanger. Another example comes from Californication, where the character Becca dates a guy who is essentially a younger version of her father in every possible way, from their intellect to their temperament. And everyone can totally see it, including Becca, though she seems to be the only one not creeped out by that fact. In a show that was seemingly totally about fifty-two-year-old David Duchovny plowing his way through the millennial population of Southern California, it was by far the most unsettling part.

Movies are really weird about women on the best of days, but women sexuality tends to be a whole other universe of weird assumptions and backass-ness. Hollywood ladies are usually either prudes with chastity belts made out of spikey ice, or insatiable perverts that only really care about getting some (penis), no matter where it comes from. It works for the writers’ late-night fantasies because if a woman doesn’t really care who she’s having sex with, it might mean the writers themselves could have a chance with her. But it makes for some really weird writing that starts at virtual incest but then keeps going until it dives off the Cliff of Decency straight into the Chasm of Awkward Family Movie Night.

That’s why in Cruel Intentions you have Sarah Michelle Gellar seducing her stepsibling, or why on True Blood, a vampire is freaked out when he discovers he’s been dating his great-…-granddaughter while she is all just: “Oh come on, incest is all relative!” On a similar note, in Machete, one of the antagonists feels sick over his incestuous feelings for his daughter all while, as it turns out, his daughter is doing porn with her mom. She wasn’t attracted to her or anything. She just thought that doing mom-daughter porn would get her a lot of viewers, and so she didn’t mind getting intimate with her parent. That’s another thing: women being way too OK with incest often also comes down to them using sex as a weapon in the unrelenting pursuit of their own goals, even if it means aiming their sex-guns at their own family.

For example, in the 2011 remake of Conan the Barbarian, Rose McGowan tries to seduce her sorcerer daddy in her quest for power, but him being a man and all, he rejects her. A similar thing happened in Grifters when a mother tried to seduce her son to try and get away with murder, but he was having none of it.

The sinful pinnacle (sinnacle) of this trope is definitely Shameless (the U.S. version) where one character gets raped and made pregnant by her dad. But because the girl claims the dad was drunk and maybe didn’t know who he was doing it with, she is KINDA OK with the whole situation. Although she later got an abortion, she basically rationalized the pregnancy as just one of those annoying things that sometimes happen in life while the audience thanked God Almighty they weren’t watching this episode with their family. Conversely, when a man was tricked into getting a handjob from his sister in National Lampoon’s Class Reunion, he had the common decency to go insane and become a deranged serial killer. Because he’s NORMAL!

Cezary Jan Strusiewicz is a Cracked columnist, interviewer, and editor. Contact him at or follow him on Twitter.

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Tinder Surges to Become Top-Grossing App After Tinder Gold Rollout

Over the weekend, Tinder became the top-grossing app in the App Store, thanks in no small part to its newest members-only portal, Tinder Gold. Tinder Gold offers many of the same premium features as its 2015 paid predecessor, Tinder Plus, including Rewind (to get a redo on that accidental left swipe), Passport (to surf singles in a new location), unlimited likes, and five daily Super Likes. But Tinder Gold’s biggest enhancement is the addition of the Likes You feature: a preview of who has swiped right on your profile without you having to lift a finger. “Think of it as your personal Swipe Right concierge—available 24/7—bringing all of your pending matches to you. Now you can sit back, enjoy a fine cocktail, and browse through profiles at your leisure,” read a statement announcing the new feature. While games and subscription services like Netflix or Pandora usually top the App Store charts for gross earnings, Tinder took the top spot earlier this month. The dating app hung around the top 10 top-grossing apps chart for July and August, but it surged to the top after Tinder Gold became available globally on Aug. 29, after tests in the Australian, Canadian, Mexican, and Argentinian markets.

Still, Tinder Gold is currently only the 10th biggest in-app purchase for Tinder users, behind standalone boosts, Super Likes, and various tiers of Tinder Plus—which changes price depending on your age bracket and location and ranges from $2.99 to $34.99.


Tinder faced considerable backlash for the tiered pricing structure it instituted for Tinder Plus; perhaps in response, Tinder Gold runs a flat $14.99 a month, according to Business Insider. Whether Tinder Gold will eventually replace Tinder Plus entirely remains to be seen; the Daily Dot has reached out to Tinder for comment and will update this story if and when we hear back.

H/T Tech Crunch

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5 Long Term Frauds That We Should’ve Noticed WAYYY Earlier

Most types of fraud seem like they would be easy to spot. If a man asks you for money, and he is followed by a similar-looking man in a plastic mustache asking you for even more money, there’s a good chance that they might have been the same guy all along. But despite our seemingly impenetrable knowledge of how to catch cheats (and how to recognize artificial facial hair), scams often go undetected. And sometimes they go undetected for a ludicrously long amount of time. You know, like how …


A Family Lived With A Mummy For 30 Years For Petty Pension Fraud

Sogen Kato was the oldest man in Tokyo. This was no mean feat in a city of 13 million people, so some officials thought they’d drop him a visit — you know, the usual flowers and awkward congratulations for having outlived most other people on the planet. However, Kato’s octogenarian daughter was having none of it, saying that Sogen was in a vegetative state and in no condition to see visitors. Technically, only one of those things was a lie.

The officials were rebuffed whenever they contacted the Kato family for an audience, and the excuses grew stranger each time. Before long, they said that Sogen had actually joined an obscure sect of Buddhist monks to turn himself into a living Buddha. Since that seems like the kind of grandpa badassitude you’d normally lead with instead of a hackneyed “vegetative state” excuse, the officials grew suspicious. In 2010, when Sogen supposedly turned 111 and the daughter once again declined an audience, they finally had their fill. So the police turned up at the Kato residence and found the family happily living under the same roof. Well, the remaining family. Sogen was nowhere to be seen … that is, until the officials noticed a locked door. Behind that door was a small room. In that room was a bed. In the bed was the small, mummified corpse of a man who had died in 1978. “Yo, Sogen! Also, everyone else, what the fuck?”

Yep, Sogen had died in the 1970s at the ripe age of 79, but his relatives didn’t feel like telling anyone so they could keep collecting his pension checks. Since he had had the good sense to drop dead in his own bed in a closed room, they’d done the logical thing and just … left him there in his pajamas. For three freaking decades, Sogen’s daughter’s family lived in a house with the goddamned mummy of their patriarch, going about their lives and pretending that nothing was even remotely awry and that there totally wasn’t an old dude turning to dust in their guest bedroom. If that wasn’t enough for Sogen to haunt their asses from this life to the dozen next ones, the fact that they did this for the total financial compensation of a relatively measly $106,000 definitely should be.

But the craziest thing is that there’s no telling how many Japanese families are currently Weekend At Bernie’s-ing with a grandparent’s mummy. Since the country traditionally reveres its elderly, Japan pooped a massive terror brick when Kato’s story hit the news. The government immediately started looking into its database of suspiciously elderly citizens who no one remembered seeing around in a while, and managed to uncover a whopping 230,000 “missing” old folks, at least one of them reaching 186 years old. (Which he obviously isn’t, unless he’s a Highlander. And if that’s the case, well, let’s just say that there are bigger fish to fry than just making sure that someone isn’t collecting his pension.)

Moral of the story: Just when you think Japan can’t get any crazier, the fuckers whip out hundreds upon thousands of households with spare beds that may or may not come with a complimentary ancestor mummy.


A Man Cheated The Chinese Government With A Nonexistent Fuel Pill For A Decade

“A humble bus driver invented a way to turn water into fuel” sounds like the the start of an investment pitch that ends with a disconnected number and an explanation to your children that they don’t really need a pesky college fund anyway. For Wang Hongcheng, though, it was the beginning of a thoroughly undeserved life of fortune and luxury.

Sometime in 1983 or ’84, Hongcheng, an amateur chemist with no scientific background, introduced a pill which he claimed could turn water into a form of fuel similar to petrol. This was obviously a huge deal, and China certainly treated it as such. Before long, Hongcheng was drowning in funds from various government agencies and “other sources” — which, this being 1980s China, were presumably just other, shadier government agencies. Hongcheng funneled these funds into his brand-new “Hongcheng Magic Company,” gaining many supporters wanting to hop on the sweet, sweet water-to-fuel train. All of this generated him a fortune in the $37 million range. That’s a lot of money for a product that you just told people about.

And that was the hitch: Hongcheng had no product. At all. His whole sales pitch was promising an impossible thing that he had precisely zero ways to invent. And he was scamming the freaking Chinese government. In normal situations, that’s an equation that doesn’t bode well for your physical health, but Hongcheng had lucked out. His tall tale had struck a superstitious nerve, so he had garnered a number of rabid supporters whose belief in his product far surpassed the fact that he had yet to present any physical evidence which proved that the non-thing he was shilling was real.

Unfortunately for Wang (man, that’s a great name), even bullshit can’t survive the passage of time. As the 1990s rolled in, the government started growing wary of the increasing influence of pseudoscience and superstition. Real scientists started turning their attention to Hongcheng (or more likely, were finally free to do so), and one disparaging 1994 article in the country’s influential Science And Technology Daily magazine later, his fake fuel empire was good for prosecution. I tried to find out what happened to Hongcheng after he was inevitably imprisoned, but I think we can all agree that even if the details were there, we’ll probably be better off without them. Still, he accomplished a dream that is truly universal: getting treated like a king for achievements that you just fucking made up.


A Man Fools The Art World For Years With Obviously Fake Bullshit

As a man who once claimed that the return of Twin Peaks couldn’t possibly be a good thing, I know that criticizing art is a great way to shoot yourself in the foot, the face, and the groin somewhere down the line. However, sometimes just blindly appreciating art for the sake of it can be even more dangerous. This was aptly demonstrated in 1924, when Paul Jordan-Smith, an LA-based writer, decided to steamroll the entire art world by inventing tons of absurd bullshit and seeing what happened.

Already disillusioned with modern art, Jordan-Smith developed a full-on grudge when his wife’s still life paintings were dismissed as “old school.” One day, as a private joke, he picked up a brush for the first time in his life and spent a few minutes pooping out a goofy painting of a lopsided native woman waving a banana. He dubbed his masterpiece Yes we have no bananas, kept it around the house to terrorize the rest of the family and use as a fire screen, and promptly forgot all about it … until one day, a visitor started raving about the painting and comparing it to the work of famed impressionist Paul Gauguin. This gave Smith an idea. After he suppressed a mighty chortle, he took his stupid painting and entered it into New York’s Exhibition of the Independents at the Waldorf-Astoria. This painting, which looks like the work of a drunken racist in the first grade:

Museum of Hoaxes

To see just how far he could take his semi-accidental prank, Jordan-Smith gave his piece of shit an appropriately pompous title, Exaltation, and presented it as the work of an obscure Russian artist named Pavel Jerdanowitch, the inventor and only representative of a school of painting known as “Disumbrationism.” And he made sure that he wouldn’t accidentally fraud anyone by giving the painting such an absurdly high prize tag that no one in their right mind would buy it. To his surprise and delight, the art circles swallowed the unlikely story whole. “Jerdanowitch” was revered as a master of his craft, and galleries asked for more paintings to exhibit. “You’ve got to be kidding me,” Jordan-Smith no doubt thought, but he crapped out another, even worse painting in any case. Again, it was praised to high heavens, reproduced by revered art magazines, and followed by requests for more paintings. At this point, Jordan-Smith ran out of fucks to give, and just started submitting straight-up boners.

Ecclesiastes 9:11
“I call it ‘Choke On A Dick, Art World.'”

Of course, at this point Smith had gotten so ridiculous that he was immediately caugh- Hahahahaha! I can’t even finish that sentence. Of course no one suspected a thing. In fact, we’d probably still be gawking at vintage Jerdanowitch dongs if Jordan-Smith hadn’t grown bored of his charade in 1927 and revealed his accidental snowball of a hoax … on the front page of The LA fucking Times. Some say that the art world is still scrubbing the egg off of its face.


A Gang Sells A Nonexistent Car (7,000 Times)

In 1997, a 23-year-old security guard called Roberto Gomez turned up at a Baptist church in Compton, took to the pulpit during announcements, and told the congregation that his rich, deeply religious relative had unfortunately passed away. Aww, that blows, let’s pray, amen, etc. HOWEVER, said relative had left him an estate with a number of very serviceable low-mileage cars, and said in their last will that Gomez needed to “gift” those cars to fellow devout Christians. All he required was a modest $1,000 advance per car to cover the title transfer and taxes, and you too could be the fine owner of an automobile that a complete stranger had vaguely described to you. Any takers?

Yeah, it was a scam. The soon-to-be-famous Miracle Car Scam, to be precise. It was such an obvious con that the most surprising thing about it was that the ghost of Eazy-E didn’t immediately turn up to kick Gomez in the dick for inadequately inspired hustling. But something about the story resonated with the churchgoers. A man of faith wants to posthumously distribute his wealth? Shit, not taking up the offer would basically be flipping the bird at a gift from God. So a few people bit. And a few more. And a few more still. Gomez and his gang took their con to other congregations. Eventually, pastors, car dealers, and other people who seemed to know their religion and/or cars took the bait, which added credibility to the operation. Things started expanding at a Big Bang pace, and the gang’s fleet of fictional cars grew and grew … to a total of 7,000, which they “gifted” to over 4,000 people over four years, to the tune of $21 million.

It’s not that their plan was great. It was a pretty basic advance fee trick. The main reasons it worked were that they blatantly lied that the cars’ details were in court-mandated lockdown (which prevented anyone from making checkups and removed the need to fabricate documents), and plain old brass balls (they regularly interacted with disgruntled “customers,” providing a form of customer support and even refunding when necessary). There were approximately 4,000 ways the plan could’ve gone awry at any time — a suspicious cop, or a buyer who noticed that the gang’s list of cars included barely any details beyond “car of model X, cheap,” for instance. In fact, the ultimate reason the gang was busted was a delightfully random Fargo thing in which a small-town police chief in Missouri (yeah, this scam went all over the country) got suspicious of the huge number of weird car deals in her town and started digging. Yet somehow, thousands of people fell into the trap, lured in by promises of virtually free mid-range vehicles, and they were prepared to wait for years on end, apparently.

What really makes this one for me is the way the four-member gang just pigheadedly pushed forward, even to a point where they were clearly way over their heads. Juggling a flipping 1,000 customers per dude, all growing increasingly dissatisfied as years go by, with no guarantee that absolutely everything doesn’t go belly-up at a moment’s notice? Fuck you, let’s actively seek for more. That’s the kind of attitude the world nee-

Oh, right, these were criminals. Nevermind. Moving on.


Two Men Spend Years Developing An Obviously Fake Machine For An Oil Company

In hindsight, the Great Oil Sniffer Hoax absolutely, positively shouldn’t have worked, especially not to the tune of 50-200 million dollars (depending on who you ask) in pure profit. Yet somehow, two dodgy dudes managed to convince the French Elf-Aquitanie oil company that they had developed an impossible device, and then waltz all the way to the bank with zero scientific credentials and even less credible proof that said device worked, or for that matter even existed.

In 1965, Belgian Count Alain de Villegas and his Italian cohort Aldo Bonassoli started developing desalination technologies in Switzerland. Their tech soon proved to be a complete dud, which may or may not have had something to do with the fact that neither of them even remotely resembled a scientist: Bonassoli was a former TV repairman, and the count, oddly, was an actual count. They both shared a considerable enthusiasm for things like alchemy and UFOs, but being super into extraterrestrials doesn’t necessarily translate into any usable knowledge of, well, anything. Not ones to be deterred by mere failure and inexpertise, the two soon started developing a device that could “detect new freshwater reservoirs from the sky” … at which point it was only a matter of time before they asked themselves “Hey, wouldn’t that technically apply to all sorts of liquid reservoirs?” And so my second-favorite buddy cop movie ever, Bonassoli And The Count, leapt into Act II.

In 1976, the men started marketing their brand-new invention, a revolutionary plane-mounted “sniffer” device that could detect — all together now — oil fields by just flying above them. Delighted at the prospect of removing all the There Will Be Blood bullshit from their operations, Elf-Aquitanie jumped at the chance to grab the technology. They were so happy about it, in fact, that they ate an immeasurable amount of shit in their scramble to get a functional sniffer. Throughout the research, Bonassoli (who acted as the chief “scientist” while de Villegas took a more passive role) adamantly forbade the involvement of any actual scientists at any point of the process. Yet despite his secrecy and constant failures to produce anything approaching a finished product, Elf-Aquitanie bombarded him with lucrative multi-million-dollar contracts. You know, as you do.

This may have started out because the technology was obviously a top-secret gamechanger that the company couldn’t risk it falling to other hands, but come on. A year or so of a former TV repairman funneling away your cash might be acceptable. Elf-Aquitanie took until freaking 1979 to smell the coffee. At that point, they finally brought in top nuclear scientist Jules Horowitz, who took roughly 0.2 seconds to debunk the whole device. When Bonassoli told him his machine could detect a metal ruler from behind a wall, Horowitz took the ruler and hauled ass around the corner. Bonassoli’s device printed out a perfectly clear outline of the straight ruler … whereupon Horowitz emerged holding the real ruler, which he had secretly bent into an L shape. At that point, I assume Bonassoli shrieked at him, transformed into a bat, and flew away, swearing vengeance.

By the time the story exited the vaults of governmental secrecy and went public in 1983, it became a national scandal, especially when it turned out that the people who had gotten duped by Bonassoli and the count included former President Valery Giscard d’Estaing and former Prime Minister Raymond Barre. By then the count had already quietly disappeared into whatever paradise island counts go to after they’ve earned countless dirty millions. As for Bonassoli, the worst he got was a few accusations and dirty looks. He happily waltzed back to his native Italy, where he … stayed completely in the open, maintaining that he never made any money out of the ordeal (sure, guy) and even trying to peddle the exact same fucking device to the Italian government. And that’s a lesson for all of us: When one door closes, beat on the closed door of a neighbor until they tell you to fuck off too.

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Indie game hit with negative reviews after developer goes after PewDiePie

The 2016 indie game Firewatch is being bombarded with negative reviews after its developer went after YouTuber PewDiePie with a DMCA notice following his use of a racial slur in one of his videos. Over the weekend, PewDiePie—whose real name is Felix Kjellberg—faced immediate backlash from members of the gaming community after he said the n-word in a video while playing PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Some criticized him for learning nothing after his last racist scandal, in which he lost a deal with Disney because of anti-Semitic videos discovered on his YouTube channel. He eventually apologized in a video posted to YouTube. “I hate how I now personally fed into that part of gaming,” he said. “It was something that I said in the heat of the moment: I said the worst word I could possibly think of and it just kind of slipped out… There are no excuses for it.”

After seeing Kjellberg’s comments, developer Sean Vanaman at indie studio Campo Santo said that he would file a DMCA notice against Kjellberg’s videos featuring Firewatch so that Kjellberg couldn’t make money off of his game. Vanaman filed one notice against Kjellberg, a move he said he later regretted.

“I wish there was a clear way to say we don’t want our work associated with hate speech, even accidental hate speech if that’s what it was,” Vanaman told BuzzFeed News. “I regret using a DMCA takedown. Censorship is not the best thing for speech, and if I had a way to contact PewDiePie and take the video down, I probably would. He’s a bad fit for us, and we’re a bad fit for him.”

But some gamers and Kjellberg’s viewers didn’t take kindly to Vanaman filing a DMCA takedown notice on Kjellberg’s video on Firewatch. Some argued it was inappropriate use of the copyright rules; YouTubers depend on being able to add commentary to copyrighted content. Others seemed to take a vitriolic stance against critics of Kjellberg’s incendiary language. Either way, Firewatch‘s mostly positive reviews on Steam were quickly overrun with negative comments from players who have called Vanaman “a supporter of anti-Free Speech activism” and “an adorable DMCA-triggerhappy comrade,” among other things. One reviewer defended Kjellberg for saying the n-word, writing “1 word doesn’t make anybody racist.”


According to an August 2017 archive of Firewatch’s Steam page, the vast majority of reviews posted in the previous 30 days were positive. Now that some are negatively reviewing the game in retaliation for Varaman’s DMCA takedown notice, reviews are more mixed with just 53 percent positive. It has yet to affect the overall range of reviews; Firewatch is still rated “Very Positive” with 86 percent of reviews being positive.

H/T PC Gamer

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Pranksters slip KKK hoods, pee-resistant sheets into Trump Tower gift shop

Shoppers in Trump Tower on Monday were probably more than a little confused when they saw Ku Klux Klan hoods, pee-resistant sheets, and Vladimir Putin postcards for sale amid the myriad of other President Donald Trump-branded merchandise. Two pranksters slipped the items—all referencing various scandals, mishaps, and rumors swirling amid the president’s first few months in office—in the official gift shop of Trump Tower in Manhattan, according to Gothamist.

Next to the T-shirts, mugs, “Make America Great Again” shirts, and other tacky chachkies, shoppers found Trump-emblazoned “one-size-fits-all” KKK hoods (marketed for very “fine people” to show their “pride,” a reference to the president’s much-criticized response to the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia), packages with pee-proof rubber sheets (an obvious nod to the infamous alleged “pee tape”), and a Russian flag.

Postcards displayed in the store showed Putin, Russia’s president, as the “45th President of the United States” and called Ivanka Trump, the president’s daughter, the “first lady.”

“We thought the tourists coming in to buy some stuff, especially people from other countries, should get the whole story of who the president is because the items in the Trump store don’t accurately reflect the person,” one of the artists behind the prank, who wished to remain anonymous, told Gothamist.

The website reports that the fake merchandise was hidden in between real things people could buy such as cufflinks for $45, a gold-painted coin bank for $20, golf towels and putter covers for $30, and a muscular bobble head that look’s like the president for $40.


On Tuesday morning, a reporter from the website attempted to buy some of the newly introduced fake merch and quickly ordered them to get out of the store. An hour later, the fake merch was gone, Gothamist reported.

You can read all of Gothamist’s report here.

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‘Game of Thrones’ just gave us the awkward sex scene we’ve been waiting for

Warning: This article contains spoilers for the Game of Thrones season 7 finale, “The Dragon and the Wolf.” Before departing Westeros in “The Queen’s Justice,” the red priestess Melisandre told Varys that she had done her part and “brought ice and fire together.” She may have only meant that she successfully coordinated a meeting between Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow, but by the end of Game of Thrones season 7, it worked out better than she could’ve ever imagined. (Unless she saw it in the flames, of course.) After several episodes of buildup—or several years for readers who’ve wanted or expected it despite the characters having yet to meet in A Song of Ice and Fire—Jon and Dany hooked up, bringing one of Game of Thrones’ few actual romances to fruition. After getting Cersei’s word that she would send soldiers to fight the Night King and his army, Jon and Dany boarded a ship to head north to White Harbor before taking the Kingsroad to Winterfell.

The moment wasn’t the most important of the night—the destruction of the Wall by the Night King and Viserion claims that accolade. But fans will likely dissect it for months to come as they wait for the eighth and final season of Game of Thrones, tentatively slated to arrive in 2018 or 2019.

Is it love, lust, the groundworks for a political marriage, or a combination of the three? And what will happen when the incestuous elephant in the room is finally addressed?

The show (and the books) were always going to go there

In the aftermath of Jon and Dany’s hookup, some fans may argue that their pairing is too predictable or too cliché in a story known for subverting high fantasy tropes. But you can’t necessarily argue that it came out of nowhere.

“Beyond the Wall” director Alan Taylor revealed in interviews last week that George R.R. Martin told him back during the production of Game of Thrones’ first season that “Jon and Dany were sort of the point of the series.” Speaking to the Daily Beast, he pointed to their chemistry and the smaller moments used to build that relationship and added that “there’s no secret that this is where this is going.”

Although fans certainly know that now, it would’ve been a big shock to many fans who’ve become enamored with the rich and complex story involving hundreds of characters. Daenerys Targaryen has always been a queen and the Mother of Dragons with a continuously expanding list of titles. Jon Snow, on the other hand, started out as Ned Stark’s bastard son and rose up to become Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch and King in the North who’s actually the rightful heir to the Iron Throne.

Long before they met, Jon and Dany’s journeys have often run parallel, even though their circumstances and positions of power differed. They were both reborn from fire, they lost their first great love, and they rose as the chosen ruler of their people despite the many, many people who would rather see them dead. Some of these parallels are used to argue that Jon, Daenerys, or both of them are the Prince That Was Promised, the prophesied savior of Westeros. Melisandre clearly saw both of them being important for the great war to come.

The clearest piece of evidence for Jon and Dany coming together, however, comes from Dany’s visions in the House of the Undying in A Clash of Kings, which is also shown (but not as extensively) in Game of Thrones’ second season.

At one point, Dany—like she does in the show—sees the Wall while she is told of prophecies.

“A blue flower grew from a chink in a wall of ice, and filled the air with sweetness…. mother of dragons, bride of fire …

Throughout ASOIAF, blue flowers are often a reference to Jon’s mother, Lyanna Stark, who received a crown of blue roses from Rhaegar Targaryen at the Tourney at Harrenhal. We haven’t seen as many blue flowers on Game of Thrones, but Petyr Baelish does reference “the crown of winter roses in Lyanna’s lap” in his telling of the tourney to Sansa Stark in season 5.

But with the flower growing in the Wall, fans interpreted it to reference Jon himself. And some took the other imagery from the passage—“filled the air with sweetness” shortly before she’s called a “bride of fire”—to allude to an eventual romance between the two.

Another passage from the House of the Undying stated that “three fires must you light … one for life and one for death and one to love …” and suggested that Jon could be the fire Dany will light for love—a possible reference to his identity as the Prince That Was Promised. He may, as some believed, also be the mount Dany rides “for love”; the other two rides listed were “to bed” and “to dread.”

The incest factor

“The Dragon and the Wolf” also cemented, as Bran Stark and Samwell Tarly put the pieces together, what many astute book and show fans have partially known for an entire season and learned in full a couple weeks ago. Jon Snow—whose true name is Aegon Targaryen—is the legitimate son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark, who married in secret before Rhaegar’s death and Jon’s birth. Not only does that make Jon the rightful heir to the Iron Throne, but it also makes him Dany’s nephew. (Rhaegar was her older brother.)

In true Game of Thrones fashion, it finally gave fans something they wanted, while making it uncomfortably complicated: Jon and Dany’s relationship is incest, revealed with Bran’s vision and a voiceover cut with Jon and Daenerys in the throes of passion.

Neither Jon and Dany know this, so for now it was a one-time case of accidental incest. Plus, any union between two political players can be a fragile one—although Jon and Dany’s bond is probably stronger than most after she flew out to rescue him beyond the Wall. But sex always complicates things, and what will happen when Jon and Dany arrive in Winterfell?


There’s a lot at stake. Will the Northern lords accept Dany, whether as Jon’s queen or his wife (or both)? How will Sansa react to Jon basically doing what Littlefinger had suggested? And who will tell Jon the triple whammy of his parentage, his legitimacy, and the issue with his new relationship? Fans have presumed for some time that the incest factor probably wouldn’t bother Dany all that much considering her family history, but a northerner like Jon could have a much harder time coming to terms with it.

And on top of all of those personal burdens, the fate of Westeros still rests on his and Dany’s shoulders.

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5 Insanely Wrong Health Tips Your Parents Taught You

Much like any DIY project, adjusting your healthcare practices should only be done based on the advice of professionals, not some random person on the internet or the voice your dog uses that only you can hear. Because just like what Dr. Von Fluffles whispers through the walls at night, some advice that sounds good at the time may instead turn out to be murderous.


If You Swallow Poison, Don’t Force Yourself To Puke

The logical reaction when somebody swallows a toxic substance is to try to get that shit straight back out as soon as possible. For years, pediatricians recommended that parents keep ipecac syrup on hand in order to induce vomiting in cases of accidental poisoning. But more recent studies have concluded that by inducing vomiting, you actually risk dehydrating the subject on top of the poisoning. Plus, you’re far from guaranteeing that all of the harmful substance has been evacuated from their system, and in the case of a victim falling unconscious, you’re introducing the very real possibility of them suffocating to death on their own vomit. That’s got to be, like, the third-worst way to die.

It doesn’t bode well when the stuff meant to cure poisoning has its own entry with Poison Control.

As for ipecac, a study of 750,000 poisoned children found that its use resulted in “no reduction in resource utilization or improvement in patient outcome.” Not only that, but (perhaps unsurprisingly for a substance so noxious that its sole purpose is to make you launch your lunch into the next room) too much ipecac syrup can damage your heart or outright kill you. It’s so unhelpful, in fact, that the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that you toss that shit straight out. But that’s the kind of talk Big Vomit doesn’t like to hear.


You Need Some Time Outdoors Without Sunscreen

Sun exposure increases your risk of skin cancer. Statements don’t get much simpler than that. Use sunscreen all the time, or the sky will eat you. Your call.

The problem comes when we overcorrect our behavior to ward off the skin cancer boogeyman and completely neglect the fact that our bodies require sun exposure in order to produce vitamin D. And not only is vitamin D crucial to a healthy immune system and necessary for proper tooth and bone development, but low vitamin D levels are strongly correlated with higher rates of asthma, various cancers, heart-related ailments (including dangerously low blood pressure in pregnant women), and dramatically higher incidences of multiple sclerosis in northern U.S. states. Hell, even melanoma — the very bad guy we’re trying to ward off by bathing in sunscreen — occurs less in people who get regular doses of sunlight. That’s why in places like Australia (where more than a third of the population suffers from vitamin D deficiency), medical experts are backpedaling on decades of preaching against the sun and are instead encouraging people to spend a healthy amount of sunscreen-free time outdoors.

Our “all or nothing” mentality has even ushered in a comeback of rickets in the UK and the Northwestern United States. Yes, rickets — aka the Tiny Tim disease from A Christmas Carol. Nobody’s saying you should abandon sunscreen altogether; just that the sun is not your natural enemy, and you don’t have to armor up every single time you see it.


If You Haven’t Had A Heart Attack Already, Don’t Take Aspirin Daily

Everybody knows that a daily low dose of aspirin does for your blood what lunch at Chipotle does for your bowels: keeps things flowin’. But the fact of the matter is that while aspirin’s blood-thinning effects can sometimes help prevent heart attacks in a very specific subset of people (namely, those who’ve already experienced a heart attack), it was never recommended by the medical community at large as a catch-all preventative solution. Yes, we know it’s a shocking revelation that you can’t put your trust in marketing slogans, but despite what that “Heart Health Advantage” logo subtly displayed on your bottle of Bayer might suggest, studies have shown that aspirin’s benefits as pertains to preventing a first heart attack or stroke are just about bupkis.

That wouldn’t be so bad if the misconception resulted in nothing more than who knows how many people popping a daily placebo, but that’s not the case. Taking regular doses of aspirin contributes to all manner of maladies, including gastrointestinal bleeding in otherwise healthy women, fatal bleeds in elderly patients, decreasing the effectiveness of prostate cancer screenings in men, and effecting a net increase in the likelihood of a repeat heart attack or stroke in the 30 percent of cardiovascular disease sufferers who are aspirin-resistant. As a result, Bayer’s aforementioned marketing campaign was not only deemed false, but has also earned them a hefty $15 million class action settlement. Not quite a heart-attack-worthy amount for such a massive company, but slightly better than a placebo.

Or about 1/3,500th of their earnings that year. Yippee for the FDA, we guess.


Don’t Deep-Freeze Any Severed Appendages To “Keep Them Fresh”

Kitchen knives slip, passing comets bring lawn mowers to murderous life, hands turn evil and must be chainsawed off. You know, shit happens. And we all know that the proper course of action in such a circumstance is to stop the bleeding, clean the wound, and toss the recently separated body part on a bed of ice like shrimp at an all-you-can-eat seafood buffet.

But that’s not always the best solution: When Seattleite Jim Beaty table-sawed the tip clean off his finger while doing home renovations in 2010, he and his wife tossed it in a Tupperware container and covered it with ice. When they arrived at the emergency room, they discovered how bad an idea that was. Especially in cases involving small body parts, such as fingers and toes, direct contact with ice rapidly causes freezer burn and damages tissue beyond repair. Instead, they should have wrapped the finger in a clean, damp cloth and kept it cold, not frozen. Basically, treat your severed body parts less like Hot Pockets and more like a fine steak, and you might get to keep that hand.


Don’t Do Pretty Much Anything You Think You Should Do For A Snakebite

According to classic Western movie wisdom, the steps to treat a bite from a venomous snake are 1) tie a tourniquet above the bite to prevent the poison from making its way into the rest of your body, 2) hack into the bite, probably using the same knife you employed to kill that bastard snake, and 3) suck out the poison. If you can’t manage to reach the site of the wound with your own mouth, a companion’s mouth will do. This is what old-timey cowboys referred to as “bonding.”

And that is a great list … of things you absolutely should not do in the event of a snakebite.

While tying off a tourniquet seems like a no-brainer, keeping all the venom trapped in one area only serves to cause necrosis, meaning that the venom effectively kills whatever part of the body you trapped it in, thereby leaving doctors no choice but to give it the ol’ Civil War Chop. Cutting the wound only serves to introduce more damaged tissue for the venom to interact with, and increases the chance of infection. And sucking on the wound is, let’s face it, just plain gross. (And also completely pointless.)

What you should actually do is remain calm (getting your heart rate up will only serve to spread the venom faster), not drink caffeine or alcohol (the latter of which, of course, flies directly in the face of the “remain calm” bit), remove any jewelry and tight clothing before you do a terrible Michelin Man impersonation, and, most importantly, get your snake-bitten ass to a doctor for a nice fat dose of antivenin. No tying of ropes, cutting, or sucking at all. That makes for a boring Friday night, but it is how you survive a snakebite.

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The teenie-tiny detail you probably missed in ‘Game of Thrones’ Ep 6

Warning: This post contains spoilers for Game of Thrones Season 7, episode 6, titled “Beyond the Wall.”

Oh boy, last night’s episode of Game of Thrones left fans screaming and ripping their clothes at the death of beloved dragon Viserion and its return as a zombie ice dragon.

But perhaps, in the fury of the battle with the White Walkers, you didn’t notice a teenie-tiny detail, and it has to do with Jon Snow.

The King in the North miraculously escapes death by coming out of the icy-cold water (thank you for not dying again, Jon).

Image: hbo/screengrab

As the camera focuses on Longclaw, his sword, Jon can be seen tapping his hand out of the water.

Image: hbo/screengrab

But something happens in that moment, as noticed by an eagled-eyed Redditor:

Yup, Longclaw’s eyes popped open. See?

Image: hbo/composite

Image: HBO/reddit/miba54

It can’t just be accidental, can it?

Valyrian-steeled Longclaw is the bastard sword that belonged to House Mormont. Jeor Mormont, as Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch, gave it to Jon Snow, who served as his steward until Mormont’s death. Though Longclaw was taken from Jon’s dead body, he got it back after returning from the dead.

Fans on Reddit stressed that Longclaw’s eyes are just a transparent piece of crystal that fills out when the hand is behind the handle. So the “opened-eyes” effect is just a reflection of Jon’s hand hitting the ice. What a bummer.

Image: reddit/gameofthrones

Others argued the hand does not reach that far to create a reflection. Is that just a drop of water? An optical illusion?

Image: reddit/gameofthrones

Or could it be Bran warging into Longclaw? Who knows…One thing’s for sure, it’s really cool.

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Ted Cruz’s response to his ‘liking’ a pornographic video is, um, not good

Washington (CNN)Late Monday night, Sen. Ted Cruz’s official Twitter account liked a pornographic video from an account with the handle “Sexuall Posts.” That, um, drew some attention.

So far, so bad!
The only thing anyone wants to know in the wake of something like this happening is whether or not Cruz had ANYTHING to do with it. That’s it. Literally, nothing else.
    Which is why Cruz needed to — and still needs to — issue a statement ASAP saying: “I had nothing to do with this and was not aware it had even been posted until it was brought to my attention.”
    He hasn’t done that. Instead, we’ve gotten very mixed messages about how this all happened.
    The tweet from Cruz communications director Catherine Frazier seemed to suggest that the Texas senator’s account had been hacked somehow. Why else note that the “like” had been “reported to Twitter?” (Side note: As CNN’s Greg Krieg points out, the tweet was not actually “posted” on Cruz’s account. Someone just liked it.)
    Then, Cruz himself seems to suggest that the issue wasn’t a hacking but rather an issue with a staffer who has access to his account.
    So, which is it? And, if it is a staffer, has that person been fired? Also, how many staffers have access to Cruz’s social media accounts? Who has posting privileges? And how did this incident, specifically, happen?
    All of these are good questions that are still hanging out there. But none are as pressing as why Cruz didn’t simply say today that he had nothing to do with this and is committed to figuring out how it happened.
    To be clear: We have zero evidence Cruz was involved in this accidental liking of a pornographic video. None.
    But, if you are a sitting US senator who has run for president — and wants to run again — you can’t leave the “Did you have anything to do with this” question unanswered. You can’t do it.
    Cruz needs to clear this up. Immediately. Possibly sooner.

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    Thousands of Atlantic salmon escape from fish farm into Pacific

    Company admits it doesnt know how many of its 305,000 fish are left after a net failure amid concern about the impact on native species

    Thousands of Atlantic salmon may have escaped into Pacific waters after a net pen holding 305,000 of the fish was damaged at a farm in Washington state, leading wildlife officials to call for anglers to catch as many of the fish as possible.

    The fish farms owner, Cooke Aquaculture, said on Wednesday that several thousand Atlantic salmon may have ended up in the waters around the San Juan Islands after part of a net suffered a structural failure.

    The Canada-based company which purchased the 30-year-old farm last year blamed Saturdays incident on exceptionally high tides and currents coinciding with this weeks solar eclipse.

    The company initially told wildlife officials that an estimated 4,000 to 5,000 of the fish in the net pen had escaped, but said that the exact number would be determined once tidal conditions improved enough to allow divers to fully assess the farm. On Wednesday, the company told the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation that the number could be much higher.

    It appears that many fish are still contained within the nets, the company said in a statement. Farm crews are on site, working to stabilize the farm and to recover as many fish as possible, when conditions permit.

    Fishermen in the region out hoping to catch Chinook salmon in recent days said the Atlantic salmon had already been turning up in their nets. Its a devastation, Ellie Kinley, whose family has fished Puget Sound for generations, told the Associated Press. We dont want those fish preying on our baby salmon. And we dont want them getting up in the rivers.

    Despite being listed in Washington State as an invasive species capable of preying on native populations of fish and spreading disease, Atlantic salmon are a major aquaculture species in Washington state as well as in British Columbia.

    Washington states fish and wildlife department said it was working closely with the company to address the incident. On Tuesday the department encouraged anglers to join them in the effort by catching as many of the fish which weigh up to 4.5kg (10lb) as possible.

    Our first concern, of course, is to protect native fish species, Ron Warren of the department said in a statement. So wed like to see as many of these escaped fish caught as possible.

    As environmentalists voiced concerns that the Atlantic salmon could crossbreed with the Pacific salmon or compete with them for food, researchers were divided on the potential impact.

    These things are kind of couch potatoes, Michael Rust of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration told the Seattle Times. They are domesticated. Imagine a dairy cow getting lost out in the Serengeti. It doesnt last very long.

    Others warned that there was not enough research to confidently predict what might happen next. Everybody wants to know, what does it mean? And the honest answer is we dont know, said John Volpe, a University of Victoria professor who has studied Atlantic salmon released in the Pacific. Impact is definitely on the table. But it runs from something quite modest all the way to something very serious.

    He pointed to research he had done more than a decade ago which suggested that Atlantic salmon was capable of surviving, spawning and producing viable offspring in Pacific waters. But a dearth of research in recent years meant little was known about how well the fish had managed to establish themselves in the wild.

    This weekends escape was large, but not unprecedented, he said, pointing to the deliberate release of Atlantic salmon on the west coast in the early 1900s. A 2001 memorandum from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration noted that during a three-year span in the late 1990s, some 600,000 Atlantic salmon had escaped into the Pacific.

    But this latest incident is different, said Volpe, as it comes at a time when many Pacific salmon populations are struggling to survive against a backdrop that includes urbanisation and climate change.

    The last thing they need is yet one more challenge to their long term viability, he said. Given the very precarious state of most Pacific salmon populations theyre basically teetering on the edge you dont need some catastrophic event to push them over. All they need is a nudge.

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    Taylor Swift isnt the first snake woman. Shes fighting misogynys favourite myth | Brian OFlynn

    Like predecessors from Eve to Hillary Clinton, the star fell foul of an ancient narrative that discredits women, says freelance writer Brian OFlynn

    Its cool to hate Taylor Swift. Shes a social media pariah, the punchline of every meme, a living snake emoji. Her new single Look What You Made Me Do was jeered into the charts , making it to number one and breaking records on its way. Her new album is to be a treatise on reputation, and boy could Swift deliver a TED talk on that subject. Shes become universally despised to the point where its taboo even to admit to feeling sorry for her. One is allowed to concede that 1989 had a few bangers but thats the limit.

    Swift became synonymous with the snake emoji thanks to one fateful subtweet by Kim K. Her spat with the Kardashian-Wests is what has earned her most of her bad reputation shes a liar who got what she deserved, right? Case closed. But its naive to think good old-fashioned karma is all thats at play in the Swift saga.

    Swift is not the first snake woman. Since the Old Testament, society has sought to discredit and vilify women by associating them with the scaly and the slithering. Its the oldest trope in the book from Eve to Medusa, the snake has always been a faithful misogynist device, used to destroy female reputation.

    Celebrity culture is at best a lifelike simulation, at worst an outright fabrication. The general public can only guess at what really went on between Swift and West, and the entire incident may well have been a mutually beneficial publicity stunt. Yet it was seized upon with an unconcealed glee by the online horde that now collates and quantifies every female celebritys actions for moral evaluation realistically, it was just the excuse they were looking for. Swifts downfall was long awaited. She has been dismissed as a maneater who exploits her partners for Youtube hits and, in that famous diatribe, declared a calculating professional victim. Were supposed to believe the powerful playboys she courts are blameless lambs.

    Long before the West debacle, she was already branded a snake when she sent attorneys letters to fans selling Swift merchandise and to her former guitar teacher for attempting to exploit her past. In a society that supposedly abhors the gender wage gap, one could be forgiven for thinking Swifts unashamed defence of her intellectual property and rightful earnings to be admirable. Instead she was met with a vicious campaign of character assassination evidence of her years of endless, painstaking kindness toward fans was buried in a sea of hate memes. People were determined to see her as false and traitorous.

    The eagerness to scrutinise and condemn surfaced again when Swift made fumbled attempts at good feminist engagement. When trying to call out Nicki Minaj in a now infamous Twitter quarrel, she demonstrated ignorance of the intersection of race and feminism. Quickly realising her mistake, Swift listened, learned and apologised, which one might think was an exemplary response but too late. The witch hunt was already under way.

    In 2017, it is unacceptable for famous women to learn on the job they must emerge from the womb with a complete working knowledge of intersectional feminism and if they dont they apparently deserve a sustained campaign of online abuse. Its hardly surprising that a year later, Swift backtracked on endorsing misogynist lyrics by West she was likely terrified of making another misstep.

    Swift made headlines again recently by suing her sexual abuser for a symbolic $1. She won with style, unapologetically asserting the wrongness of the abuse that was perpetrated on her but on the day of her victory, there was tumbleweed on the Taylor Swift hashtag. The online horde that has judged Swift for so long misses nothing, so the selective deafness on certain actions speaks volumes. Only the damning evidence is accepted as canon.

    Regardless of what Swift does, she is accused of being a treacherous temptress. Shes always a snake. Her actions are incorporated into the narrative as an afterthought, perfunctory pieces of evidence to support an already foregone conclusion. Like all witch hunts, its trial by drowning. If you sink, you die, if you float we kill you for being a witch, stupid. Hating her is the end in itself, and her response means nothing. Shes tried proudly owning her reputation, shes tried parodying herself (see Blank Space and her LWYMMD video) but nothing works. Her reputation is set in stone regardless of her actions but this is nothing new, for her or any famous woman.

    Only 18 months ago, a different woman was synonymous with the snake Hillary Clinton. Like Swift, she is not unproblematic but next to Donald Trump should have been an easy choice as president. The public once again latched onto spurious nothings (in this case phantom emails) to magnify cracks in a womans character that would have been passed over in a man. No material evidence was even required for Clintons downfall woman as serpent is so ingrained in society that we defaulted to it with only the most subtle encouragement. Her reputation was decided before facts. Once again, the snake reared its head and we all obediently hissed in unison.

    The snake eating its own tail in Swifts lyric video is a genius symbol for the hatred without any logical end or beginning; misogyny is always a self-fulfilling aim. Its an infinitely repeating cycle it wasnt so many decades ago that Monica Lewinsky was the snake and Hillary Clinton was the contrasting archetype of purity. Before Swift, it was Lady Gaga or Lana Del Rey being slammed as fake and phony. Now theyve miraculously fallen back into favour, but for how long? Women are swapped in and out of roles in the machinery of patriarchal society and its race to destroy them.

    Swifts new song is superficially crafted as a Kanye diss song, but the tilted stage Swift refers to is not Wests, it is ours. We, her audience of billions, are the ones who always leave her slipping off the edge. Swifts imagery is too spine-tinglingly salient to be accidental you said the gun was mine expertly captures the way the misogynist society conjures up incriminations to vilify, demonise and discredit women.

    Swift knows she cant win, so she is content to play up to whatever role will bring her temporarily back into favour Ill be the actress, starring in your bad dreams. Swift knows her reputation is out of her own hands. Yes, Swifts new single is a diss track, but shes dissing us. And we probably deserve it.

    Brian OFlynn is a freelance writer, student and pop culture enthusiast based in Dublin

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    One million Catalans march for independence on region’s national day

    Streets of Barcelona became a sea of estelada flags as pro-independence supporters turned out en masse ahead of referendum on 1 October

    Up to a million Catalans have gathered in Barcelona to call for independence less than three weeks before the region is due to hold a vote on whether to break away from Spain.

    For the sixth successive year, Catalonias national day La Diada de Catalunya was used as a political rally by the pro-independence movement. Organisers said 450,000 people had registered for the event, and Barcelona police later tweeted that 1 million turned up.

    The Spanish government has vowed to stop the referendum going ahead on 1 October, but the Catalan regional government is refusing to back down and polls suggest a clear majority of people in the wealthy north-eastern region want to be allowed to vote.

    Polls also show that Catalans are divided on whether they wish to secede from Spain. A survey at the end of July found that 49.4% of Catalans were against independence and 41.1% supported it.

    The no campaigners were conspicuous by their absence in central Barcelona on Monday afternoon as the citys sunny avenues filled with pro-independence estelada flags flown from balconies, worn as capes and displayed on T-shirts.

    Catalans wave estelada flags during La Diada. Photograph: Pau Barrena/AFP/Getty Images
    Stationed along the streets were Catalan police officers cradling pump-action shotguns and submachine guns a reminder of
    the terrorist atrocities inflicted on Barcelona and the coastal town of Cambrils last month. But, despite the raw memories and the looming showdown with Madrid, the mood was light.

    Pere Vila, a 58-year-old accountant from Vic, had come to the Diada with his wife and Gos, their fervently separatist chocolate labarador. Gos which means dog in Catalan was wearing an estelada neckerchief, as were a nearby jack russell and a west highland terrier.

    Vila said the Diadas meaning and significance had shifted over recent years as the independence cause gained momentum. What was once a commemoration of the fall of Barcelona during the Spanish war of succession on 11 September 1714 was now a show of Catalan strength.

    It lets people show how much they want independence, said Vila. I think we have to be allowed to vote but I also think the Spanish government is capable of anything when it comes to stopping the vote.

    At 5pm, after a minutes silence for the victims of the terror attacks, the Catalan national anthem, Els Segadors, rang out along the boulevards as helicopters clattered above. Later, huge banners printed with the words pau (peace), s and referndum s democrcia made their way over the heads of the crowds.

    Helena Casador, a 23-year-old student from Tarragona, had come to Barcelona with her friends Jlia and Inma. All three said the referendum needed to be held. Its about defending what we believe in, which is independence, said Casador. It will go ahead because people are prepared to defy the state. We did it before [in a symbolic referendum] on 9 November 2014, and well do it again.

    A giant banner displaying the word yes in different languages. Photograph: Albert Gea/Reuters

    The Catalan president, Carles Puigdemont, was in a similarly defiant mood on Monday morning. Brushing aside the fact that Spains constitutional court has suspended the referendum legislation that was hastily passed in the Catalan parliament last week and that prosecutors are looking into whether he and others ministers should be charged with disobedience and abuse of power Puigdemont said there was not enough power to thwart the wishes of democratic Catalans.

    This Diada isnt going to be like previous one because the self-determination referendum has been called for 1 October, he said. There are just 20 days to go.

    Ral Romeva, the Catalan foreign affairs minister, told reporters that the referendum had already begun, with expatriate Catalans voting by post.

    You need to remember that people are already voting, he said. The Catalan community abroad is already voting. Those people who say therell be no referendum forget that the referendum is already under way.

    In a speech to mark the Diada, Ada Colau, the mayor of Barcelona, criticised the Spanish governments response to the referendum but pointed out that the Catalan governments unilateral rush towards independence had left out half the people of Catalonia.

    For Jordi Sala, a 41-year-old teacher from Reus who was wandering among the book stalls near the cathedral with an estelada hanging around his neck, 1 October was about simple democratic representation.

    Its not about voting yes or voting no, its just about being able to vote democratically, he said. That said, I will be bit sad if the no camp wins.

    But how certain was he that the referendum would even take place? My heart says the vote will go ahead but my head is a little more doubtful.

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    Richard Dormer: ‘Lets face it, I have the coolest weapon in Game of Thrones’

    From resurrection man Beric in Game of Thrones to Fortitudes murderous sheriff, Richard Dormer is gruff, grisly and always memorable. The actor talks his 20-year fear of TV, his new thriller Rellik and his perilous flaming sword

    There are actors you turn to when youre looking for someone to save the world, and those who can make audiences swoon with just one careless smile. Then there are the men who are at war with themselves and no one does that quite as well as Richard Dormer.

    From the garrulous, troubled Terri Hooley in sleeper hit Good Vibrations to murderous sheriff Dan Anderssen in Fortitude and Game of Thrones much-resurrected warrior Beric Dondarrion, Dormer specialises in tormented souls.

    Its true! he laughs when I point this out over lunch. Dan is destroyed, Terri had problems, and every time Beric dies he loses a part of himself so hes constantly mourning the human he used to be

    Its better than a lightsaber Richard Dormer as Beric Dondarrion in Game of Thrones. Photograph: HBO
    His latest role only cements this reputation. Gabriel Markham, the lead detective in tricky new BBC drama Rellik [killer, backwards] is both a dogged cop and the survivor of an acid attack. Hes a man whose damaged exterior is matched by a riven interior.

    Dormer admits the part was physically and mentally gruelling. The prosthetic makeup he wears over much of his face and neck took two hours to put on. You overheat wearing it, and you can always feel it. Its pretty grim. And the timeline of the narrative, which plays out entirely in reverse, was equally challenging.

    Because the story goes backwards youre aiming towards the person you were before this began rather the one you will be, which is a bit of a head fuck. It really gets under your skin.

    It really gets under your skin Dormer in Rellik. Photograph: Joss Barratt/BBC/New Pictures

    Filming Game of Thrones is arduous in a different way. The episode Beyond the Wall took five months it just went on and on. The fight sequence took five weeks to film and lasts five minutes. Just climbing on the dragon took maybe a month and on screen its an eye-blink. If the cast and crew werent so lovely, he says, it would be awful work, because its not nice being soaking wet and very hot and yet very cold at the same time and trudging up and down the most beautiful glaciers in the world but not even being able to look because you feel so tired.

    His downtime was spent playing world domination game Risk with his co-stars. There were a lot of arguments, mainly because Iain Glen [Jorah Mormont] is so competitive. He would just sit there going Noooo why? Why are you all attacking me?. So who was the best at it? He doesnt hesitate: Kit Harington [Jon Snow].

    But his biggest issue was trying not to set fire to stunt men while filming. Because Beric only has one eye, Id be temporarily blind and swinging the flaming sword which is real, not CGI every time I hit them theyd go whumpf and guys would charge in with extinguishers. A small price to pay for wielding Game of Thrones most memorable weapon: Lets face it, I have the coolest weapon on the show. Its better than a lightsaber

    The most tiring job on Earth? Dormer with Kit Harington as Jon Snow in Game of Thrones. Photograph: HBO

    The Star Wars reference is not accidental. When he was cast in Game of Thrones, director Alex Graves drew comparisons with Alec Guinness and Beric, who has come back from the dead six times, certainly has more than a touch of the mystical sage about him. Dormer describes him as Obi-Wan Kenobi after a night on the tiles: He carries his burden very well and is lightly philosophical about it.

    Raised in Lisburn just outside Belfast, Dormer won a scholarship to Rada but admits his experience was mixed at best. While Rada is an amazing place theres something unnatural about it, he says. I didnt really trust it. I remember walking into a received pronunciation class and they were all going How Now Brown Cow and I said Do you huv a spur churr? Everyone burst out laughing, and the teacher said, Thats how not to do it.

    Coming from Northern Ireland led to an identity crisis of sorts: he speaks of feeling like a second-class citizen who didnt know where he was from. I grew up with the idea that someone might hate you if they knew what religion you were; being afraid to open my mouth because my accent might make people think something about me. Or even if they didnt, would they understand me?

    He dealt with it by refusing to take certain roles. There was that sense that as soon as a Northern Irish person opens their mouth you go ah terrorist so I refused to do TV and film. Instead, I did theatre for 20 years.

    The switch to screen came at 40, when he acquired a new agent who gave him confidence that he could make it. He stopped doing theatre for a year and did loads of auditions. But didnt get anywhere. I was 40 thinking This is ridiculous my career is over before it even started. And then Good Vibrations turned up, a script good enough to make him to break his own rule about Troubles-set films. He broke it again for the propulsive 71. He hasnt stopped working since.

    Having come to his screen career late, is there any role hed love to play? His answer? Star Trek, no question.

    Its all about friendship and compassion, he says. Gene Roddenberry is one of the greatest guys who ever lived because he gave us hope that the future might be bright and we could accept one another for whoever we were, even if we were alien. Thats an amazing message, dont you think?

    Rellik starts on BBC1 tonight at 9pm.

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