Where Do Y’all Eat Out!



Who Are You? Mind Y’all Business Woman!


Homeless Suicide: Unknowingly Pulverised Was On The Cards!

Did Y’all See Dat?

She could of been pulverised by the dumpster truck compressor/compactor if the Jamaican didn’t check First! Peace! 👀🔥👊🏿👨🏿🌏


Slavery Reminds everybody of a particularly Destructive Race if Man Upon this Earth 🌏

Even After Enslavement – Europeans still rub everybody’s nose in it!

No Empathy shows us all that some Europeans need removing from the land of the living!

Africa – Motherland Of I Man

Forget the term ‘Black People’ Ethnic Minority’s, all the Doctrinations, Ideological Behaviourism, Displacement, Oppression, Depression, Religions, Tribes, Society’s, Names Of Cities, Countries, Governments, Economies, Names Of Oceans, Names Of Seas, Names Of Islands, because it’s all fake Beliefs and worshipping externally!



Central Banksters Banking Scam Revealed

Central Banksters Banking Scam Revealed

Why the whole Central Banking System is a Scam – by MEP Godfrey Bloom

2013 European Parliament in Strasbourg


Ryanair Racism Of BlackBeauty?


Did Y’all See Dat?

If a Man Behaved like that to my Peeps, I would of Buss Dat Up, Especially if Ryanair Didn’t Remove Him Fast, as it’s In Their Policy or My Policy gets Invoked Immediately!


Breath Test is a Requirement after Road Traffic Incident Regardless Of Policemen’s Involvements!


Did Y’all See Dat?

Anybody passed by and require that Man in a uniform (Policy Men/Police Officers👮‍♀️, to take a breath test, as they may of been Drink Driving, or on Drugs, Being Under the Influence is a CRIMINAL OFFENCE according to their corrupt ‘LEGAL SYSTEM’ especially in the UK🇬🇧


Escalated Black Man Crime on the Streets!


The Real Cause Of Escalated Black Man Crime on the Streets!

What would happen if that role was now reversed to suit us?

TBI Investigations over all Body-cam Being turned off before Shootings


On Monday, Memphis police shot Martavius Banks and he survived. Now Memphis lawmakers are calling for Tennessee Bureau of Investigation to investigate all police shootings after it came to light that the officers involved deactivated their body cameras.

stigma | Origin and meaning of stigma by Online Etymology Dictionary

Meaning: “mark made on skin by burning with a hot iron,” from Latin stigma (plural stigmata), from Greek stigma (genitive stigmatos)… See more definitions.
— Read on www.etymonline.com/word/stigma

Did Y’all Know Dat?

Microchip is going to be a part of being stigma-tised as it goes!