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The ANSIS Mission

ANSIS has been created as a free Public Service for the People, to achieve the following goals:

To promote Peace between poorly trained corporate government officers and the People they are Lawfully charged with protecting.

To provide a free Public Record repository for the Free People of America to document and Timestamp their political determinations, which are often falsely presumed by governments in order to gain jurisdiction in statutory corporate courts of plunder meant for it’s own officers and corporate creations.

To provide a free recording system where those seeking separation from the commercial abuses of government created LEGAL PERSONS can create a Public Record of their true identities in Natural Law, to be maintained in a searchable Public database.

To provide a way to create a Lawful identification document that will be in a standard and widely used format, to use when you are acting in a Private capacity, separate and distinct from the LEGAL PERSON ID’s issued to government created legal entities for purposes of regulating commerce, such as Drivers Licenses and Social Security Cards.

To educate the People about their true status and how to protect it.

To educate the People on how to peacefully deal with poorly trained government officers who unwittingly participate in the misapplication of government statutes and codes when their only goal is revenue generation.

Why is ANSIS needed?

WE hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness — That to secure these Rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just Powers from the Consent of the Governed, that whenever any form of Government becomes destructive of these Ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its Foundation on such Principles, and organizing its Powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.

Government in the united States of America has indeed become destructive and no longer secures the Rights of the People. Instead it exists solely to secure it’s own tyrannical power and control over the People, their Property, and their Natural Rights, by denying their very existence. Consent to be governed is not asked for, but forced on the People through brute force and identity fraud under color of law.

The methods are complex. The institutions originally created to protect the People have been kept to provide an illusion of legitimacy, but their true purpose and method of operation have changed.

For example, Peace Officers no longer exist to protect the Peace and Property of the People. They are now police officers that form a “standing army”, employed by corporate governments. Their main function is to protect the government from the People and generate revenue through the autonomous (by standing orders) enforcement of commercial statues when no injury has occurred and there is no victim to be cross-examined.

The court system no longer operates in the Common Law. With the installation of the “one form of action” rule in 1938 which abolished the Common Law, the courts could take any action and hear it any way it saw fit. So while you may believe you are entering a court of Law, you are entering an Administrative court that will rule on “Public Policy” to the benefit of the government in it’s revenue generating schemes under the Rule of Necessity. Court today involves teams of government officials teaming up to deny the Rights of the People, who are their victim, while trying to maintain the “appearance” of justice. In reality, you are presumed guilty and deprived of all Natural Rights the minute you set foot inside.

The legislatures pass codes and statutes that apply ONLY to it’s own officers or employees, and the corporations in commerce that it creates. Anyone holding a government issued ID becomes one of those entities, which one is determined by the government on an as needed basis. In a fraudulent way, they are correct because YOU are the one who provides them the ID when someone asks who you are. But Lawfully, government is at war against the People and relies on their ignorance of what it is doing to secure it’s plunder.

What about Property Rights? Registering your car or recording the deed to your house no longer protects you or the Property. The records are maintained only to provide evidence of government ownership through the LEGAL PERSON who registers it under government privilege. It is the privilege of recording your property that is taxed, by the way. If you own your home and there is no deed recorded, you will NEVER see a property tax bill.

All of those things really just scratch the surface.

While the methods are complex and frought with fraud, the system relies on ONLY one thing. It relies on you to identify yourself as a government entity. A LEGAL PERSON is not a Man, it is a corporation. Because it was created by government, it is government property subject to all codes and statutes passed by all governments. Everything the LEGAL PERSON owns is TOTALLY under government control. The best you can do is REPRESENT the corporation and pay it’s debts. Have you ever wondered why when you go to court without an “attorney” the criminal in robes posing as a judge asks if you are “representing yourself”? The judge is not concerned with who and what you are in Law, only whether or not you represent one of it’s LEGAL PERSONS. If you do not, it can not proceed. There is ample evidence of that on YouTube.

Often you hear about “illegal aliens”, and they are sometimes referred to as “undocumented workers”. In reality, they are the only People in the country that are free. Without government slave numbers and ID’s, they can not be taxed and plundered. Most courts can not gain jurisdiction over them (unless they have committed a property crime or violated Natural Law). In most cases, they are released with a possible threat of deportation. That is why you hear the talk of “amnesty” and “a pathway to citizenship”. Those People can not be plundered until they accept a LEGAL PERSON identity as a “citizen” (officer or employee of the government) or “resident” (entity in commerce) of the corporation and use the government numbers and ID cards to idenitify themselves.

There are many People striving to be free in America today. They will often try to file papers with the government that enslaves them asking for freedom. Others will try to join in the commercial fraud of government trying to get the upper hand through filing commercial liens and other such nonsense. Many end up in court trying to say they are not the LEGAL PERSON they have already identified themselves to be.

I have studied all of these things for many years. I finally came to the conclusion that there is only one correct answer. The government knows it needs “consent”. That consent is given and jurisdiction proven the minute you present an officer with a government issued ID. Without the government ID, there is no presumption of consent.

The problem then, is that there is no alternative for getting an ID to use when you are acting as a matter of Right as opposed to government privilege. There is no ID for the Sovereign people to obtain and prove they are acting in Natural Law and exercising their Natural Rights.

ANSIS is the answer. It will provide a place for those seeking freedom to make the Public Record with their political determinations about themselves and rebut the presumptions of government in their attempts at plunder.

When you are approached by an “officer” generating revenue, rather than providing him/her with a “homemade ID” paper (which is perfectly Lawful to do), or a government ID card that says you are acting as an officer, employee, or commercial creation of government, you will be able provide them with a standardized ID paper that Lawfully identifies you while proving public record evidence of your political determinations, and a unique number to access your record in a Public Record database. You will no longer be alone in your pursuit of freedom.

The fact is, cops and other officers are doing one thing when they stop you or visit your home. They are investigating a potential victim and looking for evidence to use against them. As a responsible sovereign, you are obligated to be truthful in all dealings. Providing an ANSIS identity number from the Public Record meets their perceived ID requirements under color of law, and your obligation to be truthful.

There is no need to be confrontational or try to “win” in a single confrontation with an “officer”. We are all People, and the cops have a tough job. Your job during an encounter is to provide evidence that favors you, and make sure you both get home safely.

Eventually, I hope to provide a repository for Property records as well, mainly cars and homes. If you can afford to help, it would be appreciated.



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This Week In Movie Casting / Actors Resources:

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How we approach teaching in the Screen/Stage acting department

The best way to sum up the ethos of the Acting Department is to call it a “rainbow” approach, in that we give you a little bit of everything, from every reputable school of thought. That’s why you’ll find that our teachers cover everything from Method Acting and Stanislavski to Meisner and Augusto Boal, as well as using their own experience to illuminate a technique.

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How to Survive on Set Without Looking Like an Asshole

Surviving On-Set !!!

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Callam Rodya as Roddy with 3rd AD Alex Pitzel slating the shot on the set of "Stalking by Numbers". Callam Rodya as Roddy with 3rd AD Alex Pitzel slating the shot on the set of “Stalking by Numbers”.

When it comes to film work, actors have it the easiest. Don’t argue. You know it’s true.

In case you need a bit more convincing, consider this:

  • We’re the last ones called and the first ones wrapped.
  • There is a team on set whose sole job is to make us look beautiful.
  • They tell us where to stand, where to walk, and what to say, and they even put down little pieces of tape for us and print out our lines on little pocket-sized sheets to make it extra easy.
  • We get to stay warm in the trailer while they’re out there in a snow storm setting up the shot.
  • We usually get paid better.
  • We get all the credit.

Don’t get me wrong, acting is extremely difficult (especially when you…

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Why The Oscars Do Not Matter, or: A Look Back at 1975

Do The Oscars Really Matter to the TV watching or Cinema going Public on a Whole or it it all just a big fantasy set for only the celebs to moan and groan about how high up the Superstar echelons they have climbed in an attempt to reach the very TOP of the ‘FAME TREE’!!!

Welcome to [ACTNET] The Film, TV, Ads & Entertainment Group on LinkedIn for Directors, Musicians, Comedians, Presenters, producers, script writers, set designers, prop people, actors, studio execs, and other entertainment related talents…

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Hollywood in Retrospect


Voting has closed.  Price-Waterhouse is counting the ballots.  On Sunday night, we will find out who won the 86th annual Academy Awards.  On Monday, most people will forget who won, except for the people who make it their business to never forget (Harvey Weinstein, I’m looking at you.)  And given the hurt feelings, rivalries, and “How-the-fuck-could-they-ignore-XYZ-but-award-ABC” reactions that will become inevitable over time, I need to remind you guys of something really important:


That’s right.  You heard me.  I, the person who in fifth grade memorized every winner in just about all the major categories, am here to remind you all that these awards do not matter.  Sure, they matter in that it’s fun, and that getting them means you’ll be king/queen for a day, and you have a beautifully designed trophy to put on your mantle.  But seriously, whether or not the person…

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‘The Terminator’ Is Back And Set To Film In San Francisco

Good Old Arnold Says – I’LL BE BACK – With A Vengeance!!

New Captain America: The Winter Soldier Poster

Captain America March 2014 - The Film TV Ads Drama and Entertainment Industry Creative People's Web Portal
Marvel Comics by Stan Lee is the farther of Most Cartoon Superheroe Characters we all know and love from childhood.

Here is a list of heroes i remember including:

Appearing in “The 1970s Handbook”Edit
Featured Profiles:

Avengers, Black Brother, Black Lama, Brute (Reed Richards), Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell), Cobalt Man (Ralph Roberts), Committee, Conspiracy, Corporation, Crusaders, Deadly Dozen, Defenders, Demon-Fire, Devil’s Heart, Doctor Glitternight, Dragon Circle (Black Panther enemies), Faceless One, Fantastic Four, Father Darklyte, Giant-Man (Black Goliath), Golem (Supernatural Statue), Hellcow, Hypno-Hustler, Janus, Korrek the Barbarian, John Kowalski, Lady Liberators, Liberty Legion, Magus (Universal Church of Truth), Mahkizmo, Manphibian, Man-Wolf, Martian Masters, Matador, Missing Link, Mr. Kline, Mr. Zodiac, Ms. Marvel (Carol Danvers), Nomad, Power Man, Prime Mover, Psyklop, Punisher (Frank Castle), Royalist Forces of America, Sky-Walker, Slitherogue, Sons of the Tiger, Star Thief, Steel Serpent, Stunt-Master, Tagak, They Who Wield Power, Elianne Turac, Victorious, Virago, Wraith (Brian DeWolff), X-Men, Xorr the God-Jewel


A great new poster for Captain America: The Winter Soldier has been released online. Instead of dealing with the Cap or one of his comrades this poster shows his titular nemesis in full glory.

As many comic fans are no doubt already aware The Winter Soldier is not actually a new character, he had quite a role in the previous film.

This time though the man is out for revenge, and with that badass sniper rifle we just know he’s going to be packing a punch.

Winter Soldier Poster

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