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Thank You for your interest and activity, however, the universe thanks you more. Nationality is not really a process except for if and when it starts in the mind, as you now already know, if you didn’t before.

It has apparently awakened in you, thus Declaring it is to be clear yourself and does not necessarily require any paperwork, but does require study to be clear yourself, as you can only be what you know.

Proclaiming is the publishing, and that is where the ‘paperwork’ comes in. Anything in written form is but a brief expressing your position regarding a matter, whatever that matter may be and that includes the card itself, which is a brief and lawful claim.

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Identity: Evidence, sameness; the fact that a subject, person, or thing before a court is the same as it is represented, claimed or charged to be.
Person: In general usage, person means a human being (i.e. a ‘natural person’); though by statute, a ‘person’ may include a firm, labor organizations, partnerships,
associations, corporations,
legal representatives,
trustees, trustees in bankruptcy, or receivers.
Corporations are “persons” as that word is used in the first clause of the 14th Amendment
Therefore, if you are operating with 14th amendment, you are SAYING loudly, you are a corporation!!!
“There is no need for the application of the 14th and 15th amendment for the salvation of our people and citizens” – Prophet Noble Drew Ali


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Aboriginal Love

posted 8/5/16
These cards, whether obtained seperately or all at one time are NOT a Sovereignty package, or a part of a sovereignty package. They are identification Cards. We do not sell sovereignty, it is NOT for sale. We deal with Birthrights, Natural Rights, Liberties that come from the shear act of being born.

It is very interesting that if anyone were to get an identification and a drivers license and a school ID from a corporation, or any Institution, they do not call it a sovereign

Important Message Regarding National Identification Card:
One may be employed, do business, and enter into other contracts, and sue and be sued under any name they choose at will (Lindon v. First National Bank 10 F. 894, Coppage v. Kansas 236 U.S. 1, In re McUlta 189 F. 250).

The judicial or court method of changing one’s name, is merely an affirmance and aid of the “Common law”.

Thus, the common law, by superiority, establishes ‘supreme validation’, and suffices to serve Public Notice for Declaration of a Name Correction and Change, The ‘court method’ of corroborating a ‘name correction and change’ is not to be assumed as being necessary nor superior, but merely a formalized method of confirming or acknowledging a person’s right to a name correction or change.

Such a change carries the exact same legal weight as a court decreed name change as long as it is not done with fraudulent intent (In re McUlta 189 F. 250, Christianson v. King County 196 F. 791, United States v. McKay 2 F.2d 257).
“Your Nationality Card is going to change on you in your pocket.”
–Prophet Noble Drew Ali

It is advised that you read, review, and study this ENTIRE page regarding identification / identification cards / name corrections and / or change, prior to applying and obtaining a universal allodial identification card.

“If you don’t do anything else —
Declare Your Nationality”
— Prophet Noble Drew Ali
And then ‘we’ suggest you live your life accordingly,
beginning with your ‘Status’ as it sets the Stage for Matters of Jursidiction

Status: is “the standing, the state, or the condition; being a social position”. It is the legal relation of an individual to the rest of the community. Status also relates to the rights, the duties, the capacities and the incapacities, which determine a person to a given class. It is the legal, personal relationship, not temporary in its nature, nor terminable at the mere will of the parties, with which third persons and the state are concerned. While the term implies relation it is not a mere relation, it is a legal relation AND it establishes estate, since it also signifies the condition or circumstances in which one stands in regard to his property.
Note: Your Status sets the stage for Jurisdiction.

Jurisdiction: essentially the right to adjudicate (decide) regarding another. Jurisdiction covers, encompasses, assimilates and incorporates every type and kind of ‘Judicial Action’. Judicial actions pertain to authoritative actions and issues involving ‘Justice’ and the administration of ‘Justice’ in matters of “Rights of Parties”, Rights of Property”, and Judicial Proceedings, etc.
Jurisdiction equates to ‘Right Words’; as Juris means ‘Right’ and Diction means ‘words’.

Dealing With The Police –

Years ago, a policeman was your friend and defender. Things have changed now that Police Forces have become commercial organisations, dedicated to producing a profit by taking money from you in the form of Fixed Penalty Notices, Speeding Fines, Parking Fines and any number of other charges. Knowledge is Power, explains why;

Each individual ‘Police Force’ is a commercial company, it has NO AUTHORITY to enforce anything, any more than a McDonalds or a BurgerKing has. The men & women that work under the banner of their local ‘Police Force’ have two separate roles. When they take up their occupation, they take an ‘oath of office’ pledging to uphold the ‘Common Law‘. That oath, and nothing else gives them the Authority to act to enforce ‘Common Law’ – that is, the few things which are listed in our ‘Legalese – Acts & Statutes‘ page above.

Common Law‘ DOES NOT authorise them to do anything connected with so-called ‘Government’ Statutes & Acts and so they have been trained to use ‘Legalese’ to entrap UN-INFORMED members of the Public! To be fair, it is highly likely that even the members or the Police Force are aware of what they are doing and do not understand the difference between ‘Legal Statutes‘ (which are optional) and the ‘Lawful‘ Common Law requirements which apply to EVERYONE and are NOT optional.

PLEASE DONT GET US WRONG – A lot of Policemen and Policewomen do a great job and assist members of the Public, sometimes above and beyond the requirements of there job – opposing bullying, intimidation, fraud etc. and comforting in cases of bereavement or injury. BUT, the commercial companies who control the Police Force are working extremely hard to end this sort of positive behavior, using ridiculous Health & Safety regulations as an excuse, even to the extent that Police Officers are instructed for example to stand by and watch somebody drown and not attempt to save them! This is not the choice of the ‘Officer’ but the instructions of the owners of the company.

SO, because these thousands & thousands of ‘invented‘ offenses dont apply to ANYBODY unless they agree to be bound via ‘consent‘ it becomes essential for a ‘Police Officer‘ to (possibly with out knowing) persuade a member of the Public to agree to subject him/herself to these unnecessary restrictions and agree to pay invented cash penalties to the local commercial company called the ‘Police Force’ or ‘Constabulary‘. The normal first attempt to establish this spurious dominance of the ‘Police Officer’ is by him asking for your name. This is NOT an INNOCENT question and it is essential that you are VERY CAREFUL in what you say as there are verbal ‘Legalese’ TRAPS all over the place!

One suitable reply is “The Law does not require me to provide that information” which is entirely correct and avoids the first major pitfall, and no matter how often the question is asked, the answer always remains the SAME. It is also vitally IMPORTANT not to argue with a Police Officer as that is another ‘Legalese‘ TRAP which makes you subject to the thousands of hateful regulations solely designed to part you of your MONEY. So, only answer questions (ideally with a non aggressive question) and dont volunteer ANY INFORMATION AT ALL.

So, here are some examples to help you understand;

If a Police Officer says “you were exceeding the speed limit!” you could say “Was I?” as you DONT ARGUE, nor do you point out that ‘Common Law’ does not require anybody to keep to the speed limits, obey road signs, park only where directed ETC. even though that is perfectly TRUE!

Under ‘Common Law’ an offense has only been committed IF there is a VICTIM (somebody who has been killed or injured, had possessions damaged or stolen or who has been defrauded) SO, if the Police Officer keeps pushing you to agree to pay his company money when you DONT need to, then a good question to ask is “Who is the Victim?” or alternatively some thing like “What is the charge? or am I free to go?” if you stick to these things, then the Police Officer has nothing to work on as you have not agreed to be bound by ‘Statutes‘ as you have not provided a NAME and ADDRESS for him to write on an invoice/bill or ‘Fixed Penalty Notice‘ as they like to call it! and you have not entered into a ‘controversy’ by arguing with him or her into ‘dishonor’ by refusing them point blank.


But there is one thing, and that is, you MUST NOT be agressive or offensive in any way, you MUST NOT do anything which he tells you to do because if you do then those charming ‘Legalese’ people can see that as you agreeing to ‘Stand Under’ them and then become subject to his ‘Legal’ (NOT LAWFUL) authority, and so become liable to those thousands of cunning plans called ‘Statutes’ carefully crafted in order to rob you in a PERFECTLY ‘LEGAL‘ WAY!

One thing which any Police Officer needs to become aware of is the FACT that they do NOT have any security provided by the ‘Police Force‘ which employs them. In any situation which does not involve ‘Common Law’ the Police Officer is on his own, acting as an individual and as such is wide open to actions against him either under ‘Common Law’ if he is acting unlawfully or by Civil Court action if his actions warrant it. 

See, it all falls flat on its face for them if they cannot establish a ‘JOINDER’ or more aptly named a ‘Pretensive Joinder’ which is where a human agrees voluntarily to represent the ‘Legal Fiction / ‘Strawman‘ and so become subject to them Legal ‘Statutes’…If they cannot get ‘JOINDER‘ then the presumed authority of a Police Officer does not exist in ANY RESPECT and he is acting solely as an individual whose only authority is to enforce ‘Common Law‘ and NOTHING ELSE.

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